36V 14.5Ah 522Wh Battery Box Panasonic with mounting rail

This battery 36V 14.5Ah (522Wh) Box Panasonic with high-end mounting rail, you will power a powerful engine and offer a large reserve of energy.

It is compatible with all our electric kits for 36V bike.

Supplied with frame support.

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Battery 36V 14.5Ah Panasonic Box with mounting rail

This high-end battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) which controls the temperature, regulates the charge, the discharge and the balancing of the cells in order to preserve the performances and the lifetime.

Our Panasonic 36V 14.5Ah (522Wh) box batteries are assembled from Panasonic 18650PF Lithium cells (10S5P mount). These high performance cells accept high discharge currents and offer you an optimal lifetime. This battery is compatible with 1000W motors.
Charging time with charger 2A = 7,5h

This bike battery is equipped with a black ABS fairing that protects it from shocks. The head of the battery integrates a gauge of autonomy with leds. A carrying handle will allow you to carry it easily.

The battery holder is mounted in place of the canister door. It incorporates a lock to lock the battery on the bike.

Feature Details

Fonctions batterie box panasonic 36V
1- Charge socket
2- Discharge socket
3-Fixing rail
4-carrying handle
5-Leds autonomy gauge
6-ON / OFF button
7-Lock unlocking


Batterie box panasonic sans le rail de fixation 36V

Dimensions without the fixing rail

Batterie panasonic box dimensions rail 36V

Dimensions with fixing rail

Battery gauge

The Panasonic Box battery has a capacitive LED indicator. That is to say, the LEDs go out according to the amount of energy consumed and not according to the voltage decrease as on the traditional gauges, which gives you a better accuracy.

Jauge autonomie 1 batterie panasonic box 36V


Batterie box panasonic jauge autonomie 2


Jauge autonomie 3 batterie box panasonic


Batterie box panasonic jauge autonomie 4

10-35% less than 10% FLASHING LIGHT

On/Off switch

Interrupteur On/Off batterie panasonic box
Pressing this button turns the battery on or off.

If you do not use the battery for more than two hours, it will turn off automatically.

Power connectivity

batterie box panasonic connectique puissance
The Panasonic Box Battery comes standard with an Anderson Powerpole Power Connector for a perfect fit with your OZO Electric Motor Kit.

Charge socket

Prise de charge batterie box panasonic ozo 36V
The charging socket is located directly on the battery allowing it to be recharged on its support or outside.


Rail de support batterie box panasonic 36V
The Panasonic box battery is delivered with a support allowing a fixation on the frame of the bike
embase de support batterie box panasonic

You can also use the bracket base (which is detachable from the bracket) to put the battery in your backpack.

Possible locations on the bike

Emplacement batterie box panasonic 36V

Clearance needed

Dégagement nécessaire batterie box panasonicIf you install the battery holder in place of the bottle door, it will provide a vertical clearance of 3.5cm minimum to remove the battery from its support.

2D plan of the battery

plan 2D Box Panasonic

Here are some examples of achievements equipped with this battery box for bike :

Data sheet

Tension nominale36V
Dimensionssans rail : 29*12*9cm / avec rail : 34*13*9cm
Technologie Li-Mn
Plage de température pour la décharge-5°C à 45°C
Intensité max de décharge20A
Intensité nominale de décharge15A
Plage de température pour le stockage10°C à 30°C
Jauge batterie intégrée???
Connecteur de chargeJack 2,5mm
intensité de charge4A
Plage de température pour la charge0°C à 45°C
Connecteur de puissance????
Support de fixation????
poigné de portage???