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Speed bikes kits without battery

Speed bikes electric conversion kits are offering high speed and high reliability. You can ride everyday without any problem with our direct drive motors. Easy to install and heavy duty our electric hub mootrs will be your best partner for daily use. OZO offers ebikes conversion kits since 2010. Our hub motors are delivered on French rim with st...

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  • Speed Kit 900W to 1200W rear wheel without battery
    604,20 € In Stock
    As its name suggests, the SPEED 1200W rear wheel motor kit is intended for all those who wish to go as quickly as possible from point A to point B.It is a very reliable and silent motor withstanding all the constraints of professional use, OZO has been marketing this motor since 2010 and some professional customers have already exceeded 200,000Km without...
  • Runner kit 250W 35 km/h rear wheel without battery not approved
    617,00 € In Stock
    With 40N.m of torque and only 4Kg, the electric Runner kit 250W 35 km/h is popular with cyclists of all levels. Easy to install it allows to alternate rides with or without assistance.
  • BBS02 48V 750W - 1200W mid-drive motor
    Limited special offer
    Motor Kit Pedal 750W City-VTC-Road BBS02 without battery
    730,00 € 807,30 € -77,30 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    160N.m of torque for this 750W central motor which will be ideal for riders over 100Kg to do everything that you can imagine on your electric bikeregardless of terrain and elevation.
  • Speed 1000W front wheel kit without battery
    837,10 € In Stock
    80N.m of torque. Ideal for cargo bikes and two-wheelers with a 20\' to 29\' wheel at the front. This kit allows to transport\r\naverage loads in total silence
  • Speed 1500W rear wheel kit without battery
    902,10 € Arrivage en cours
    200,000Km ! This is the distance covered with this kit by our most passionate customers. The direct drive rear wheelmotor is indestructible. It can pull heavy loads and accept high weight without heating. It can also roll fastand delivers a torque of 90N.m. If you want to go on an adventure in remote regions of the world, this is the kit you need.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items