Electric industry and leisure motor wheel for trolley 6" 160mm

6" 160mm Brushless motor wheel to convert into electric any industrial trolley : 

  • Leisure and service (golf cart, refrigerated cart, stroller, prototyping)
  • Industrial (rolling base, industrial serving trolleys pusher puller)
  • Logistics (picking trucks)

Power : 350W | Dropout : 100mm | Cable : 51cm

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This electric drive wheel has been designed for the electrification of any recreational vehicle or industrial handling.

An epicyclic gearbox is located inside the motor, providing very high torque for an motor of this size.

There is no internal freewheel in this motor, so you can control it in forward and reverse.

Its power of 350W continuous will allow you to motorize service, trolley, pushchair and any industrial rolling stock, but also medical like the beds of hospitals.

The max load not to be exceeded on this motor will be 120Kg

The rubber tread makes it possible to avoid any risk of punctures.

The outside tire diameter is 155mm.

The programmable controller, will allow us to adjust the parameters of the motorization according to your need: Speed ​​of advance, torque, response time, acceleration, maximum tensoin ...

The motor can be driven forward and reverse, you can activate the regenerative brake and the function "dead man" for increased safety.

This motorization can quite meet the criteria of reducing the arduous work and occupational risks in industrial environment.

You can easily and quickly reduce these risks by electrifying your tools.

2D plan :

Data sheet

Garantie2 ans
poids en 26 pouces3.2 kg
TechnologieBrushless geared motor
Intensité max20A
Rapport de réduction1:4,5
Puissance max350W
Tension Min12V
Tension Max36V
Entraxe fourche min/max100mm
Motor Kv (RPM / V)8,5RPM/Volt
Magnets height30mm
Hall sensorsOUI
Nombre d'aimants20
Motor axle12x10mm
Diamètre exterieur Pneu155mm
Vitesse max sous 12V3Km/h
Vitesse max sous 24V6Km/h
Vitesse max sous 36V9Km/h