FAT BIKE Kit 900W 1200W 25A cycle analyst

This FAT BIKE conversion kit includes:

1x FATTY rear engine radiated on a rim of your choice with reinforced stainless steel spokes 2.3mm
1x half handle throttle or thumb trigger or pedal sensor
1x 25A sensorless controller
1x cycle analyst (optional)
1x cruise control (optional)
1x mounting pack (rislans, spiral sheath, neoprene, 2 ANDERSON clips)

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555,00 €

  • Gachette au pouce
  • Demi-poignée
  • à visser M5 ou M6
  • collier cadre
  • NON
  • OUI
  • 170mm
  • 190mm

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Warranty 2 years

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The "FATTY" kit has been specially designed for Fat bikes, these bikes recognizable by their large tires, which allow you to ride on snow sand and stones.
This kit is available in two different versions depending on the centre distance of your Fat: 170mm or 190mm.

It must be powered with a 36V or 48V battery.

The FATTY kit mapping inherits the same advantages as that of our FREERIDE kit, namely a maximum torque immediately available without acceleration response time.

The shelving is made in our workshop in France with 2.3mm stainless steel shelves and a manual shelving method. Each wheel is subjected to rigorous quality control.

Our Fats rims are all double-walled, which gives them a much higher stiffness than the original rims that equip Fat bikes and which are mostly single-walled openwork.

The phenomenal torque of this motor will allow you to pass all obstacles. The reduced motor technology will allow you to pedal freely and thus save battery power.

Porte cassette kit fat bike ozo

The Fatty motor is equipped with a cassette body compatible with Shimano and Sram 9 and 10 speed cassettes. Shimano 11-speed cassettes are compatible on this engine. If your bike is equipped with a 7 or 8 speed cassette, you will need to add cassette spacers.

The motor is supplied with washers that will allow you to center your wheel in your frame.

Cote disque kit électrique pour fat bike ozo

You can screw your brake disc to the standard 6 holes on the motor.

Moteur roue kit fat bike ozo

With your Fat Bike kit you get a complete drive wheel. All our wheels are carefully checked before shipment: spoke tension, centering, sail and false round.

Controleur kit speed rh 205c ozo

The controller has a simplified connection system to facilitate installation (See operating instructions).

The power cables are of large diameter, the number of cables is limited and the seals are reinforced to guarantee reliability at all times.

The pedal sensor

It will allow you to have pedaling assistance. You pedal, the motor starts. You stop pedaling, the motor stops.

In order to be able to benefit from several pedal assistance modes, consider taking a three-position switch or an analyst cycle in addition.

photo globale des contrôleurs

We offer you a choice of two models of pedal sensors. Check the installation side of the bottom bracket sensor on your bike: transmission or opposite transmission side.

For a better choice, we invite you to consult the instructions on the pedal sensors.

Note that our sensors have 12x magnets, allowing a response time twice as fast as models with 6 magnets.

The accelerator

The accelerator will allow you to manually dose the engine power from 0 to 100%.

It can be used alone or in parallel with a bottom bracket sensor.

We offer two types of throttle: half turn handle or thumb trigger. The question n°11 of our FAQ will allow you to choose between these two models.

Gachette mixte

Cycle Analyst option 

For technology enthusiasts, the controller is wired to receive a V2.4 (See product sheet) or V3 (See product sheet) Cycle Analyst.

The Cycle  is a real on-board computer, much more sophisticated than the LCD displays that are offered with 250W, 750W wheel motor kits or bottom bracket motors.

The analyst cycle displays all the electrical data of your motor and battery and allows you to adjust all the parameters and control loop of your system yourself.

Cycle analyst

Cruise control option

The controller has a connector to connect a speed regulator. Accelerate to the desired cruising speed, release the throttle and the electronics regulate the engine power to maintain a constant speed.

Régulateur de vitesse

3-position switch option

If you do not take an Cycle Analyst but still want different support modes, simply plug the three-position switch into the dedicated connector on the controller to have three power modes: 30%, 60% and 100% of the max power.

Interrupteur 3 positions

eBrake/regeneration option

eBrake is not necessary for the proper operation of your actuator but offers additional safety by grounding the system during braking and is strongly recommended if you are using a cruise control.

It comes in the form of a contact brake handle for bicycles equipped with cable brakes or a magnetic contact or a simple push button for hydraulic brakes.

If you use a direct drive motor, the eBrake will activate regeneration to recharge the battery when braking or descending.

Coupures freins

Torque arm

To secure your assembly, do not forget to use a torque arm (See operating instructions).

Torque arm


To power your kit, do not forget to use a 36V or 48V battery (See our battery offer).

Batterie box OZO
banc d'essai kit électrique fat bike

We test your entire order dynamically on a test bench before shipping in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Kit électrique fat bike

An upgradeable kit: You can upgrade your kit according to your needs thanks to the different options we offer: cruise control, onboard computer (Cycle Analyst), cut-off brake handles, high intensity lighting, power and torque clamping potentiometer...

28" wheel
26" wheel
24" wheel
20" wheel
Max speed in 48V
38 Km/h
36 Km/h
34 Km/h
30 Km/h
Max torque in 48V
105 N.m
110 N.m
115 N.m
120 N.m
Max speed in 36V
32 Km/h
28 Km/h
26 Km/h
22 Km/h
Max torque in 36V
88 N.m
92 N.m
96 N.m
104 N.m
Note: The ranges announced in the table above are purely indicative; they are the low averages recorded by our customers since 2010 on hilly courses while being assisted.
As an indication, the autonomy of this kit with a battery 48V 10Ah can be 18Km for someone who does not pedal at all up to 70Km for the sportiest.
An Cycle Analyst is a very good tool to help you manage your energy consumption.

The real autonomy will depend on different factors: mass of the pilot, effort provided by the pilot to relieve the engine, sudden or progressive accelerations, inflation pressure of the tires, unevenness of the course, outside temperature...

48V or 36V? The FATTY kit operates independently at 36V and 48V. Switching to 48V increases the top speed by 6km/h and the torque by 15%. Note however that Fat bikes have a very short development which generally do not allow to reach more than 25Km/h with a "normal" pedalling rhythm. In this case, the use of 36V is preferable unless you plan to increase the size of your primary plate.

Here is an example of the FAT BIKE OZO Kit:

Highlights of the FATTY OZO kit :

Fatty Motor Advantages: The stator of the FATTY motor is wider than that of ATV motors, allowing it to provide higher wheel torque and better electrical power transmission.

Reduced motor: no forward resistance when not powered, allowing you to drive freely.

The large gears allow to cope with the most important constraints.

Advantages of the OZO controller: The components of our controller are American and French. The mapping has been designed for ATV use so that there is no acceleration response time and maximum torque available immediately.

The rated current of the OZO controller is 25A. The power cables are 2.5mm2 in cross-section.

Advantages of the OZO wheel: We spoke the Fatty engine in our workshop on solid double-walled rims, which gives your drive wheel maximum rigidity. Every wheel that leaves our workshop passes a rigorous quality control.

Advantages of OZO batteries: Our batteries are assembled with cells from major brands: Panasonic and Samsung. The heart of the battery, the BMS is also an essential element to ensure constant performance over the long term.

Advantages of OZO services: We strive to respond to your request as quickly as possible before and after the sale at no extra charge. We have a workshop with all the necessary tools to ensure maintenance and support of your system under the best conditions. Our team has all the skills and qualifications to work on electric motors and lithium batteries. In short, we put all our expertise and tools at your service so that your electric bike is always operational.

2D sketch of the motor

Plan moteur kit fat bike ozo bafang

Data sheet

puissance nominale et puissance max sous 48V1200W / 1365W
autonomie moyenne avec batterie 48V 10Ah40 à 50 km
Autonomie moyenne en 48V 14,5Ah60 à 70 km
Autonomie moyenne en 36V 14,5Ah50 à 60 km
Couple max en 36V85N.m
puissance nominale et puissance max sous 36V925W / 1050W
Vitesse max en 68V40Km/h
Vitesse max en 36V32 km/h
Couple max en 48V105 N.m
Technologie moteurmoteur réducté
Cassettes acceptées7, 8 , 9 et 10 vitesses Sram et Shimano
entraxe cadre Min / Max135mm à 160mm
Compatibilité frein à disqueOui
Technologie du contrôleur???
Diamètre de roue mini18"
Marche arrièreNON
Tensions admissibles24V, 36V et 48V
Intensité du contrôleur25A
Compatible cycle analystOUI
Coupure freinOUI