Repair and reconditioning of Lithium batteries for all electric bikes


Your battery no longer works or lost autonomy? We offer a service of expertise, repair and reconditioning of lithium batteries for electric bikes.

If the repair is not possible, we replace your entire cell and BMS and we recycle your old battery.

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Expert after-sales service

Warranty 2 years

Secure payment : by CB, check or transfer



Diagnosis of a Lithium battery without passing to the test bench
30 € TTC
Diagnosis of a lead battery without passing to the test bench
20 € TTC
Test of capacity on the test bench
20 € TTC
24V lithium battery balancing
40 € TTC
36V Lithium battery balancing
50 € TTC
Lithium battery balancing 48V
60 € TTC
Generic battery Panasonic 24V 8.8Ah
€ 249 TTC
Generic battery Sony 36V 8.8Ah
299 € TTC
Manpower replacement pack cells
between 50 € TTC and 70 € TTC
For electric bikes equipped with a lithium battery:

If your battery is less than two years old and it has lost its autonomy, it may simply be out of balance. If we estimate, following the diagnosis, that it is possible to re-balance your battery it will cost you significantly less expensive than a new battery.

If no repair is possible on your battery, we will offer you the complete exchange of the cell pack by one of our Panasonic packs.

If your battery is more than two years old, it is better to ask for an exchange of the cell pack because it is likely that your battery is at the end of life and no repair is possible.

Note that the cells we use are brand Panasonic, Samsung or Sony and the complete exchange of the cell pack will allow you to gain performance and weight on the battery of your bike if it is assembled with original Chinese cells which is often the case on the first or mid-range electric bikes.

For electric bicycles equipped with a lead battery:

Some of you may have an electric bike equipped with a lead battery. These batteries are heavy and inefficient. If you need to change your battery, we can offer replacement lead batteries but we strongly advise you to opt for Lithium whose mass is lower. Take for example a Greencity brand electric bike equipped with a lead battery 24V 7Ah. This lead battery weighs 5.5Kg and delivers a real capacity of about 5Ah (Peukert effect on Lead). The equivalent Lithium battery we offer weighs only 1.2 Kg and delivers a real autonomy of 8.8Ah, a gain of 4.3Kg on the bike and a gain of autonomy of 75%.