600 lumens lighting kit for electric bikes

Lighting pack front + rear lights for electric bicycle.

This high power lighting system for bicycles can be powered by any voltage source from 10V to 55V DC.

The pack includes :

- A 600 Lumens front light.

- A 30 Lumens tail light

- Two 800mm extensions, waterproof connectors

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Front lighting 600 Lumens :

600 Lumens
Lampe OZO 600 lumens

This light can be powered from 10V up to 55V, which means that you can use it with any 12V, 24V, 36V AND 48V battery whether lead or lithium.

Taking the same dimensions as the 200 lumens model, the 600 lumens OZO lamp incorporates 3 LEDS of 200 lumens. The wide beam of light allows to see in front of oneself but also on the low sides for more security. It includes a 6V output that can power a bike rear light.

Front lamp power cable: 12cm; rear light: 12cm

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On / Off switch :

You can switch the lamp on and off with the switch on the back of the lamp. The switch turns off and turns on the front lamp and the rear light.

Lampe OZO 600 lumens

Without switch :

Without the switch you control your lamp via your display screen.

Lampe OZO 600 lumens

Rear 30 Lumens :

30 Lumens

Rear lamp with a luminous intensity of 30 lumens weighing only 20 grams.

The advantage of this lamp is its small size it is easily installed where there is very little space.

It can also be connected directly to the DC output of the OZO 200 Lumens lamp and the OZO 600 Lumens lamp.

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Data sheet

Garantie1 an
DimensionsLampe avant : | Lampe arrière Hauteur : 6 cm ; Largeur : 2,2 cm ; Profondeur : 3 cm
MasseLampe avant : 102g | Lampe arrière : 21g