Kit 250W Road Front/Back

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The 250W bobber motor is very light, you’ll forget it due to his very low weight and its internal free wheel technology allowing an automatic motor clutch when it’s not supply.

The bobber is a reduced brushless motor which integrates a reduced

Planetary gear train of one velocity ratio: 4,4 internal free wheel with a couple of 40 N.m.


The bobber motor, with a back or front wheel, is the ideal companion for those who want an electric assistance but don’t want to do an agreement about the weight.

It’s a sufficient couple for a road bike and those who want to pedal by themselves and only use the motor during climbing.

It’s perfect for a road utilization, because you’ll not feel any brake and with a total weight of 4 kg (including the battery) sounds like you’ll drive a normal bike.

The motor exists in back version, equipped with a cassette body compatible with Shimano et SRAM 9 et 10 speeds. If your bike is equipped with 7 or 8 speeds, you’ll have to add cassette spacers.

The motor is included with washer on chain that allows you to center the drive wheel in the bicycle frame.

The back motor has a spacing of 135mm whereas the front motor has a 100mm spacing.

You can screw your brake disk with 6 holes on the motor.

For bikes equipped with skid brake, don’t forget to command a rim with surfaced rim such as the Road Runner, which is a true rim wheel in 700c of French made.

We are proposing this motor with two speeds modes:

  • To 25km/h (15,5 mile and 200 rotation per minutes)

  • To 35km/h (21,7mile 250 rotation per minutes)

All these criteria are the same (weight and dimensions) except the rotation speed.

With your kit, you’ll receive a driving wheel complete (28”). All our wheels are carefully radiated in our French workshops by passionate mechanics:

Spoke tension, centering, veil and fake round, everything is controlled before

sending. For this kit, the Road Runner Mach1 rim is perfect for a road use. It’s a

rim with surfaced boarders ideal for thins tires in 23C, compatible with larges

tires in 25C for more comfort.

The rays are French made et available in two colors: stainless steel and black.

By choosing shelving on French rim, you’ll benefit of a manual shelving in our workshop that guarantee you a high reliability.


The 15A and 250W controller is delivered with a JULET wire totally waterproof and very easy to install. Every wire has a wire coding system, so you cannot go wrong.

The controller integrates a thermic protection against overheat.

The wiring harness allow to link the controller with all handlebar accessories.

2 RED Connectors with cutoff brake

1 GREEN Connector with display

1 YELLOW Connector for the accelerator

All these connectors are waterproof.


Handlebar housing LED 890 for OZO wheel motor electric kit 22A

Compatible with a lot of e-bikes : Cycoo V-5500, TopLife V-5500, Makadam E-Mountain/E-Forest/E-Vortex /Nakamura.

It will allow you to :

  • Select the electric assistance mode (null, low, medium, high)

  • To control your autonomy through the battery autonomy gauge/meter

  • Have the pedestrian mode that assures you to have a continue assistance of 6km/h (3,72 mile/h). It’s ideal for pedestrian zone.

Handlebar housing LCD1

Compatible with all OZO wheel motor electric kit 22A

Compatible with a lot of bike with electric assistance : nakamura, carrefour, gosport, décathlon, easybikeCycoo V-5500, TopLife V-5500, Makadam E-Mountain/E-Forest/E-Vortex.

It will allow you to :

  • To control your autonomy through the LCD battery autonomy gauge/meter

  • Select the electric assistance mode (1 to 5)

  • To display your speed and distance travelled

Handlebar housing LCD1

Compatible with all OZO wheel motor electric kit 22A

Also compatible withbikes with electric assistance :  Cycoo V-5500, TopLife V-5500, Makadam E-Mountain/E-Forest/E-Vortex / Nakamura.

It proposes the same functionalities of the LCD1 but with:

  • Display of instantaneous power

  • Display of the motor and exterior temperature

  • Display of the battery tension

  • The possibily to recharge your phone or to plug a GPS via USB.


For every wheel motor kit including 22A controller, you’ll necessarily have a pedal sensor. It allow to engage the motor and then, the electric assistance of your bike.

The pedal sensor is a rotation sensor. You are required to pedal to get the electric assistance. There are multiple type of sensor to correspond to 90% of bike on the market.

Integrated pedal sensor: For chain set housing of squared axis having a minimum 4mm gap between the crank and the frame.

Pedal sensor with magnetic disk: For other bikes which don’t have a minimum gap to install an integrate sensor.


You’ll have to supply your Enduro wheel motor kit with a 36V or 48V battery. Every 36V or 48V OZO batteries are compatible with this motor.

The capacity choice is done in function of the wanted autonomy. For example, a 500Wh battery will offer you around 50km (31 mile) of autonomy without forcing the bike to 100km (62 mile) in function of your effort. A 1000Wh battery will offer you the double of autonomy.

The second criteria is to know where do you want to install your battery on your bike. For that

We are proposing you two versions of battery: Box battery and PVC battery.

Offer a protection against humidity, rain, impacts and dust and allow you to lock the battery.

Please verify the dimensions of the battery by going directly on the concerned product sheet.

They are lighter and less costing. But you’ll have to installer it in a backpack or in a cover to assure it protection. Using them in backpack is for electric mountain bike or with electric assistance. Because the bike is lighter so more manageable.


Accelerator : Allow you the possibility to drive your bike without pedaling. We advise you to use it on mountain bike to help with obstacles crossing and hill starts.

Brake cutoff : It’s not necessary for the proper functioning of your motorization. But it offers you an additional security by lowering the system when braking. It’s highly recommended to use it if you have a speed regulator.

It presents itself under a brake contact handler for bikes equipped with brake cable and traditional handle. Or a contact on wire for those who want to conserve their original handle or a magnetic relay of hydraulic brakes.

Sensor support : They are not required for all installation, but only on certain type of pedals that allows you to facilitate the installation of the magnetic puck on transmission side.

Torque arm : is a stainless steel shaped with a laser to avoid fixation screw loosening of the drive wheel and to don’t ruin the bicycle frame.

The torque arm is essential for freeride kit.

To choose your model for your bike please read the manual on torque arm’s role.

Freeride motor : is compatible with all Shimano and SRAM cassette in 7,8,9 speeds.

So, you can recover the cassette of your original bicycle or buy once with your kit. We will install it of the wheel.

Please note that if you have 7 or 8 speeds, you’ll have to take cassette spacers to adapt it on the motor.

Double support : It will allows you to easily install a thumb throtlle.

You can also install on it a mod selector LCD Display or direclty LCD or Led displays. 


The back version of the motor is compatible with all the bikes equipped with a back-wheel axis of 9x135mm.

To be certain of the installation of the road motor on your bike, please verify that you have a traditional open frame in 135mm.

With a ruler, measure the interior width of the A frame. You must have at least 135mm.

Then measure the frame notches (B value). You must have a value between 9 and 10mm.

The front version of the motor is compatible with all the bikes equipped with a back-wheel axis of 9x100mm.

With a ruler, measure the interior width of the A frame. You must have at least 135mm.

Then measure the frame notches (B value). You must have a value between 9 and 10mm.






Installation notices and use of wheel kit
Display installation notices

Torque arm installation notice

Pedal sensor installation notice

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Battery installation notice
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