DD35 rear hub motor Transport 1500W

This large direct drive motor has a steel stator 35mm wide and a solid axis in 14mm, which allows him to cash a max power of 2000W and to offer a large torque.

It will be perfect for the electrification of a scooter, cargo bike, utility ...

Rear motor in 135mm center distance

Power supply in 36V or 48V, 25A, 35A or 40A

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299,00 €

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Warranty 2 years

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The DD35 Transport motor can be likened to a truck diesel engine: Coupleux and almost indestructible!

14mm axle for handling heavy loads, slow winding for good low speed performance, built-in temperature sensor, 35mm magnets width ... everything has been thought out so you can use this motor on a daily basis for transporting heavy loads.

It will be ideal for applications on bicycle taxi, scooter, bi carrier, cargo, trailer, rosalies, tanks, agricultural machine, stretcher ...

Almost indestructible, we estimate its life span at 200 000Km.

This motor can collect up to 2000W of power. The motor temperature will be controlled by the integrated 10KOhm CTN temperature sensor.

We do not recommend to power this motor with our 35A or 40A controllers in 36V or 48V depending on the top speed you want.

25Km / h on 26 "wheel under 36V or 32Km / h under 48V.

You can control your direct drive motor alone or radiated on a rim. Note that we only offer very robust rims with this engine because its mass and power are important.

We radiate the motor on rims of French Manufacturing (Brand Mach1) and with spokes in stainless steel of 2,3mm of diameter.

If your bike is equipped with brake skates, we advise you to choose a 260 or Kargo rim or a jnate Magma, Klixx or Mad if it has disc brakes. All our wheels are carefully checked before shipment: spoke tension, centering , veil and fake round.

The DD35 motor has a thread to receive a freewheel to screw. You can install a freewheel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 speeds.


You will be able to attach your standard 6-hole brake disc to the motor. The motor shaft is mounted on ball bearings and the seal is provided by two spinnaker seals at the output of the shaft and the sealing lug on the motor flanges.

2D Drawing DD35 motor

plan moteur transport DD35

Data sheet

Garantie2 ans
Vitesse max en 36V25Km/h
TechnologieDirect drive
Intensité max40A
Connecteur de puissanceau choix
Puissance max2000W
Marche arrièreOUI
Tensions admissibles24V, 36V, 48V, 72V
Tension Max72V
Motor Kv (RPM / V)5 Tr/min/Volt