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25 - 45

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Trikes kits without battery

OZO has thought about the users of three wheels by offering here a complete range of electric kits dedicated to trikes. Electric wheel or pedal motor. The wheel motor is easier to install. The crankset motor offers more torque. The power goes from 250W to 1500W via 500W or 1000W. Choose the trike that suits you and we will offer you the engine k...

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  • Qu'est ce qu'un Torque ARMS ?
    Limited special offer
    Motor Kit Pedal 250W City-VTC-Road BBS01 without battery
    630,00 € 707,30 € -77,30 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Delivering 80N.m of torque, this central motor 36V 250W Bafang BBS01 M215 is here offered for versatile use in town or on country road. It will be perfect for riders under 90Kg.
  •  Engine kit Crankset Bafang BBS02 B 500W
    Limited special offer
    Motor Kit Pedal 500W City-VTC-Road BBS02 without battery
    680,00 € 757,30 € -77,30 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    120N.m of torque for this 36V 500W middle drive system for general use. It\'s appreciated by riders over 85Kg. The Bafang BBS02 36V M315central Motor Kit is offered here in medium transmission for road and VTC.
  • Trike Kit 250W rear wheel without battery
    689,50 € In Stock
  • BBS02 48V 750W - 1200W mid-drive motor
    Limited special offer
    Motor Kit Pedal 750W City-VTC-Road BBS02 without battery
    730,00 € 807,30 € -77,30 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    160N.m of torque for this 750W central motor which will be ideal for riders over 100Kg to do everything that you can imagine on your electric bikeregardless of terrain and elevation.
  • Trike Kit 500W to 750W rear wheel without battery
    752,50 € In Stock
    70N.m torque for this special recumbent trike lying kit. It will be perfect for traveling with his robust rear wheel motor, waterproof connector IP66, reinforced rim, it will fit perfectly riders under 90Kg.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items