Join the OZO partner network: Differentiate yourself and boost your turnover

OZO has been the leader in the French and European bicycle electrification market since 2010.

Independent SME OZO offers a wide range of conversion kits for bicycles but also for other types of vehicles.

OZO also has its own French laboratory for manufacturing Lithium batteries.

OZO's commitment? Making the switch to electric accessible to everyone while minimizing the carbon footprint of our products, this is why we decided to manufacture drive wheels and batteries in France and that we only offer replacement kits. conversion and not turnkey bikes.

"Re-cycle your bike to go electric" is our slogan. You “re-cycle” your bike in both senses of the word.

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Why become an OZO partner ?

- To increase your turnover by creating a vector of differentiation from your competition. All stores sell turnkey pedelecs. Although we have been offering our kits since 2010, the concept is still unknown. Offering an innovative concept to your customers will set you apart from the competition.

- To meet 100% of customer demand : Your sales area being limited, it is impossible for you to present all types of bicycles. With our kits, you can electrify 99% of your customers' bikes. No chance of seeing the customer leave because you don't have the bike in stock

- Originality : The OZO kits being adaptable to all types of bikes, you can offer original assemblies on beach cruisers or vintage bikes for example.

- Cocorico : OZO is a French brand which develops and manufactures a majority of its products in France.

- For the guarantee of after-sales service in France.

- Because transforming a bicycle into an electric bicycle meets the same need for travel but consumes half the raw materials as manufacturing a turnkey eBike. One OZO kit sold = Additional hope for future generations.

- Because it's always better to work with the No. 1 and the market pioneer

Repair and reconditioning of lithium batteries

Did you know ? OZO is also a pioneer in France in the repair and reconditioning of Lithium batteries. We started this activity in 2012.

By joining our network of reseller / installer partners, you can also offer a battery repair, expertise and reconditioning service to your customers.

OZO takes care of everything! Your customer takes his battery to your store. Our carrier picks it up from you the next day and we return it within 10 days.

Thanks to our laboratory and our engineers, we are able to repair lithium batteries that have broken down or have lost their autonomy, but also to do a new reconditioning, that is to say change all the cells to find the original autonomy see more.


The advantages of reconditioning :  

  • Economical: cheaper than buying a new battery.

  • Qualitative: On many entry-level bicycles or scooters, the original cells perform poorly. During reconditioning, we only use cells from major brands, thus saving autonomy and service life.

  • Ecological: When reconditioning a battery, we keep the original casing and cables. In addition, the manufacture of the cell pack is done in France. Reconditioning is therefore more environmentally friendly than buying a new battery.

  • Made in France : Reconditioning of batteries is carried out in the OZO laboratory with qualified personnel.

Possible repairs on a battery:

case 1: welds to be redone

case 2: awakening of the battery following long-term storage. Final test report

case 3: cell balancing, accompanied by a test report

case 4: change of BMS, followed by a final test report.

case 5: change of the entirety of the cells and of the BMS.

How can we work together?

Independent reseller : You offer OZO products in your store alongside your current products. You buy our products at a preferential rate based on your business volume. You are free to choose whether or not to install the OZO kit on your customer's bike and you are free to set your price yourself according to the margin you want.

Installer : If you only want to offer a service, the customer can order online on our site and we will put you in contact so that you can install his kit on his bike. You are free to set the price for the installation service.

Trademark license : Do you want to open a store in a big city? Are you a total fan of OZO products? Do you want to play total differentiation from the competition? So open a store under the OZO brand and get all the OZO support, the best prices and sector exclusivity.

Convinced ? Shall we ride together ?

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10 rue Cornaline, 13510 Eguilles, France.