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Maximum speed

35 - 40


The folding bike kits from the OZO range have been designed and designed to fit your folding bikes in terms of their size and weight. These kits will be easily transportable and will breathe new life into your electric bike.

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  • BBS01 B 250W central motor kit
    Limited special offer
    Motor Kit Pedal 250W City-VTC-Road BBS01 with 36V gourd battery
    959,00 € 1 044,30 € -85,30 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Delivering 80N.m of torque, the Bafang BBS01 M215 36V 250W pedal motor is offered here for versatile use in town, on country roads and on mountain bikes. We recommend this kit mainly to cyclists who want to benefit from the high power and torque of the BBS01 motor to overcome climbs and cover longer distances with less effort.
  • Kit Donkey 250W front wheel with frame battery 36V 230Wh to 700Wh
    917,90 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Big brother of the Touring kit but with a more robust engine offering 55N.m of torque, it is suitable for drivers over 80Kg or those who want to pull a trailer or carry heavy loads.This kit is suitable for cargo bikes with a 20' front wheel
  • 250W Brompton kit 36V gourd battery
    886,80 € In Stock
    Discover our OZO electric assistance kit, specifically designed for Brompton bikes. With its completely black ultralight 2.1 kg motor, it provides assistance without compromising the folding, riding, and iconic design of your Brompton.Thanks to our solution, it's possible to quickly and easily return to the original configuration, providing...
  • Touring Kit 250W front wheel with frame battery 36V 250Wh to 700Wh
    Limited special offer
    Touring Kit 250W front wheel with frame battery 36V 250Wh to 700Wh
    869,00 € 886,90 € -17,90 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Easy to install, 40N.m of torque, reinforced rim, the Touring Kit front wheel is indicated for city bikes or travel bikes with an integrated gears hub and for riders under 80Kg.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items