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Safety locks

Our selection of Trelock brand locks. These high security locks are approved by insurance companies.

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  • Chain-Lock Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C
    29,95 € Contact us
    This  ABUS Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C lock chain will protect your bike from thieves. This chain offers good safety properties and is easily transportable: you just have to wrap the chain. It works with combinations and the numbers remain readable even after long use so you can enjoy your Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C for as long as possible.
  • Anti-theft COMBIFLEX™ Travel Guard
    29,95 € In stock
    The Combiflex ABUS TravelGuard is the ideal lock for quickly and effectively securing items like bicycle helmets and bags while you're on the move. Lightweight, robust, and user-friendly, it provides reliable protection. Its customizable three-digit code and flexible cable make it a versatile choice. Compact and weighing only 86 g, it easily slips into...
  • Anti-theft GRANIT™ Plus 470
    84,95 € Contact us
    With PowerCellABUS technology, the GRANIT™ Plus 470 provides optimal protection against knock and pull attacks. The handle, housing and support parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel. In addition, it is equipped with a hook-resistant disc cylinder. This combination allowed the GRANIT™ Plus 470 to win several quality labels,...
  • Anti-theft Chain Claw 10
    99,95 € Contact us
    This handcuff-like lock will effectively protect your bike from thieves. Equipped with a hardened steel chain 7 mm thick and 10 cm long, this bicycle lock offers a comfortable safety in the renowned ABUS quality. Thanks to the integrated joints, the collars can rotate 360 degrees, making this lock very flexible. In addition, it has anti-scratch...
  • Anti-theft GRANIT™ Power 58
    116,95 € In stock
    This GRANIT™ Power 58 lock will protect your bike in case of attempted theft. This 18 mm diameter U-shaped anti-theft lock is classified as having a very good ABUS GLOBAL PROTECTION STANDARD® security level 18. When the GRANIT™ Power 58 is closed, the handle locks twice in the lock body. The ABUS XPlus anti-lock cylinder hides behind the manual cap to...
  • Anti-theft with alarm BORDO™ 6000KA
    159,95 € Contact us
    This BORDO™ 6000KA lock protects your bike from thieves by triggering a movement alarm. Equipped with a modern locking cylinder system, the XPlus, which ensures that thieves have even more difficulty during flight attempts especially by crocheting. In addition, an audible alarm of up to 100 dB attracts attention in case of attempted theft. Thanks to...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items