We offer electric bike repairs, lithium batteries repairs and engineer services to professionals as well as individuals.

Lithium batteries repair :

In Eguilles (South East of France), we have a workshop specialised in lithium batteries repairs. We can intervene on lithium cells balancing and electronical parts.

Is your electric bike losing autonomy or not charging anymore?

We can diagnosis the issue thanks to our bench test for batteries. Then, we will present you a battery repairing solution or a battery replacement if it results cheaper for you.

Is your battery defective and older than 3 years old? It is advised to change for a new one. We can present you a specific reconditioning offer with a cells pack branded Panasonic, Sony or SMS and a specific BMS. According to your budget, we can increase the autonomy compared to your origin battery.

Electric bike repairs :

Since 2006, our experience in maintenance of electric vehicles and especially of electric bikes gave us a strong knowledge of the various systems which equip electric bikes. That’s why we are able to intervene on the majority of the existing electric bikes.

If you wish to repair your electric bike yourself, we have several spare parts : motor gears, motors, controllers, handlebar control case, contactors, connectors… 


Engineering services :


Our research department is specialized in the development and conception of electric vehicles and energy autonomous systems.

We can answer your technical need in the following areas : dimensioning and steering of electric motorisations, dimensioning of autonomous recharge systems : solar, hydraulic, Aeolian.

Energy storage in lead or lithium accumulators.

Lithium battery prototyping

Development of functional design brief, sourcing, standards implementation…

For the manufacturer, the benefit is to work locally with a young and dynamic team. Together we can elaborate a design brief, build a prototype, establish validation tests and define a production and maintenance plan.

We can present complete studies on lithium batteries and motors to professionals as well as static and dynamic trials of your products.