R&D : DNA of OZO

Based on the 10 years of technical experience of its leaders, engineers graduated from the french well known engineer school of “les Arts et Métiers ”, OZO masters each step of the conception and industrialization of électric vehicles and customized energy production and storage systems:  from the drafting of specifications, up to the industrialization phase.

Customized products & services from 0,5 kWh à 5 kWh

  • Electric vehicles :

Bicycles, scooters, karts, scooters, motorcycles, electric scooters or fleet operators manufacturers  of light electric vehicles, we can assist you in your project to define your needs in autonomy, power, weight, modelisation etc. and accompany you in the design and industrialization phases.

  • Customized production and energy storage systems :

Industrialists, design offices, you have a project that requires powering mobile equipment? Do you have autonomy constraints, weight, cost etc.?

Our engineers will respond to your best wishes to develop a system of storage and energy production tailor-made to finalize your project. We can size autonomous recharging systems based on solar, tidal or wind energy.

  • Specialist of different Lithium-ion technologies :

LiMn / LiMn CO2, LiFePO4, LiPo, we can carry out complete studies and prototyping for all professionals.

Our references, our R&D achievements

Since 2010, we have won several invitations to tender with major French industrial groups and the film industry, thus accumulating knowledge, know-how and significant experience.

For contractual reasons related to confidentiality clauses we can not expose you these large projects, however here are some examples of achievements attesting to our know-how in the dimensioning and control of engines with or without autonomous charging systems ( solar, wind, tidal).

Of course, we have significant experience on motorizations for bicycles and Lithium batteries, but also on the design of electric vehicles that have nothing to do with the bike: vehicles for people with reduced mobility, agricultural machinery, boat, motorcycle, trolley for the entertainment industry etc.

Conception de nouveaux modèles de VAE (Vélo à Assistance Électrique) :

• Suivi de production sur la partie motorisation

• Mise en place des méthodes de service après-vente

• Dimensionnement et intégration batterie

• Campagne d’essais de performance et de fatigue

Véhicules électro-solaire lors du Championnat du Monde du Marathon Shell (catégorie électrique) dont nous avons assuré l’accompagnement dans la phase conception.Projet de quadricycle léger dont nous avons réalisé l’étude pour le choix de la motorisation, le dimensionnement du pack batterie et le sourcing.Réalisation d’un projet de motorisation électrique d’une méhari.

Projets dans la mobilité des personnes handicapées ou une seule avec le fauteuil électrique.

Réalisation d’un buggy électrique tout terrain, conception de la motorisation pour fauteuil de randonnées en montagne, développement d’un système de roue électrique adaptable sur les fauteuils roulants traditionnels.Projet d’électrification des vélorails de France : développement d’une motorisation électrique pour un Lorry.Projets d’électrification dans l’outillage et les équipements pour travaux. Brouette électrique, réalisation de pack batteries pour des entreprises de nettoyage industriel ou d’espace verts, réalisation de motorisations pour des engins de viticulture.

Module de survie pour l’acheminement d’eau dans le désert (véhicule électro-solaire).

Human and material means

To carry out your project, we have a team of 3 engineers graduated from "les arts et métiers" engineer school,  specialized in mechanics, mechatronics and electronics.

Their professional experience in the aerospace, automotive, special machine design, nuclear and industrial production sectors, gives them expertise and speed of apprehension in many fields.

To ensure optimal project execution, OZO has an integrated engineer office, a battery test laboratory including a power bench, cycling and prototyping, a manufacturing workshop, an engine test bench, metrology tools, and a mechanical and boiler making workshop.

We will be on your side as a true partner throughout and after the finalization of the project. We will pay a particular attention to your feedback to improve our products. Finally, you can count on us to make recommendations in order to make your project meet success.

Here is our R & D classical project management process outline  :

1. Requirements2. Project launch3. Drafting specifications4. Prototyping5. Validation test, data acquisition, cost optimization6. Pre-production7. Mass production, industrialization8. Elaboration of the schedule and method of maintenance


Based 15 minutes from the Aix en Provence TGV station and 20 Marseille-Provence airport, you will enjoy a certain proximity to follow your project wherever you are. We welcome our customers in the delicate phases of writing the specifications, prototyping, validation tests or definition of a production and maintenance plan.

Accompanying engineering schools and universities

It is important for us to support engineering schools and French universities in their technical projects or in their research work.

IUT, technical high school, engineering schools, universities, don’t hesitate contact us.


For any additional information or special requests please use our contact form :