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Ebikes lights

OZO offers a whole range of ebikes lights that can be powered from 12V DC to 55V DC so you can use it with any 24V, 36V or 48V ebike, but you can also powered it from 12V DC battery like on your classic motorcycle or boat. Low consumption and great design.

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  • AXA 6V rear light for ebike
    12,90 € In Stock
    This bicycle rear light is designed to be installed on the back of the luggage rack. 6V power supply which allows it to be powered via a dynamo or by the 6V DC output of the OZO 200 Lumens front lamp. Integrated reflectors.
  • 36V 48V rear light for electric bike
    19,90 € Out of stock
    This tail light is compatible with all electric bikes powered by 24V, 36V or 48V. It was designed to be placed on the luggage rack. Installation width: 80 mm or 50 mm Luminous flux of 10 Lumens
  • Ebikes red Tail Light 6V to 48V DC
    21,00 € In stock
    The high power LED provides a light source, equipped with a precision light guide strip. 
  • 40 Lumens front light with buzzer 36V 48V ebikes
    25,00 € Out of stock
    Front light for electric bike. To be connected directly to the battery of your bike. Horn function by integrated buzzer Works with any battery whose voltage is between 8V and 80V. It consumes only 0.8W and delivers a light intensity of around 40 Lumens.
  • Ebike rear light 30 Lumens
    35,00 € Out of stock
    Rear lamp with a light intensity of 0 Lumens weighing only 20 grams. The advantage of this lamp is its small size it can be easily installed where there is very little space. It can also be connected directly to the DC output the OZO 600 lumens lamp.
  • Ebikes front led light 100 LUX 6V to 48V DC
    39,00 € In stock
    Front led light 100 LUX for electric bike. Fork bracket included. Waterproof Julet 2 pins connector Z209. Ebikes and speed bikes certified.
  • Front light 600 lumens for electric bike. OZO lamp. 10V to 56V DC power supply
    75,00 € Out of stock
    This front light, which delivers a light intensity of 600 Lumens, is an OZO exclusive. Its strong point is that it can be powered by any 10V to 55V DC battery. CMS led technology allows for very high lighting power and only consumes 7W An integrated 6V DC output is used to power an OZO 30 Lumens rear light.
  • 100 Lux Front/rear led light pack for ebikes
    Limited special offer
    100 Lux Front/rear led light pack for ebikes
    95,20 € 117,00 € -21,80 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    This lighting package with front and rear LED lights will enable you to see and be seen effectively.
  • Lampe OZO 1000 lumens pour vélo electrique
    Limited special offer
    600 Lumens light pack for electric bike
    121,00 € 167,00 € -46,00 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Front and rear light pack for electric bikes.\r\nThis high power lighting system for bikes can be powered by any voltage source from 10V to 55V DC\r\nThe pack includes :\r\n- A 600 Lumens front light.\r\n- One 30 Lumens rear light\r\n- Two 800mm extension cables, waterproof connectors\r\n- An Anderson to double Julet adapter\r\n
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items