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Maximum speed

25 - 45

Motor position

Rear wheel hub motor bike

Discover the entire OZO range of hub motors for the rear wheel of bicycles or scooters. All our motors for cycles are Brushless BLDC type. Rear wheel hub motors can be sold alone or spoked on a rim. We offer two types of hub motors: geared reduction or gearless direct drive. Our power range extends from 250W to 2000W for voltages of 36V or 48V.

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  • Moteur 250W RLV
    169,00 € In Stock
  • Moteur 250W entraxe 155mm
    179,00 € In Stock
  • Moteur BOBBER
    199,00 € In Stock
  • Rear cargo motor DD27 direct drive 1000W
    199,00 € STOCK
    The Cargo DD27 rear motor is a direct drive engine that accepts power from 250W to 1500W, for an unbeatable price / performance ratio. Perfect choice for mid-load cargo bikes, threewheelers, trailers. If you need to carry more than 120Kg, it will be better to take our DD35 Transport...
  • Direct drive motor 1000W 1500W RH212
    299,00 € En Stock
    RH212 motor is the best direct drive motor on the market. Fast and heavy duty it will be the perfect choice for daily use. It can accept 36V and 48V with 25A or 35A controller. It comes with NTC 10KOhm temperature sensor to control overheating.
  • DD35 rear hub motor Transport 1500W
    299,00 € In Stock
    This large direct drive motor has a steel stator 35mm wide and a solid axis in 14mm, which allows him to cash a max power of 2000W and to offer a large torque. It will be perfect for the electrification of a scooter, cargo bike, utility ... Rear motor in 135mm center distance Power supply in 36V or 48V, 25A, 35A or 40A
  • Fat Bike 250W to 750W FAT Bike electric rear hub motor
    299,00 € Current supply
    This Fat bike electric rear hub geared motor is specially designed for FAT BIKES with dropout from 170mm to 190mm. We advice to power it with OZO controllers from 15A to 22A and battery 36V or 48V depending on which performances you are expecting. It can be used sensorless or sensored.
  • Test Moteur Freeride
    299,00 € In Stock
    FREERIDER rear hub electric motor has been developed by OZO since 2010 fro MTB but it can also be a great choice for riders over 85Kg or general using on cargios bikes or tandems. Internal clucth and reinforced gears to face all conditions
  • Motor direct drive DD45 3000W
    349,00 € STOCK
    Direct drive motor with magnets 45mm wide. Weight: 9,2 kg | Diameter: 25 cm | dropout 135mm / steel stator. It can be powered in 36V, 48V and 72V up to 60A. (3000W) 45Km / h under 48V and 26 "wheel
  • HS4080 Crystalyte rear hub motor
    449,00 € In Stock
    Crystalyte HS4080 rear hub motor Max Voltage = 72V Max Power = 3000W Kv = 8,8 RPM/Volt Weight = 7,2Kg Phases connector = Anderson PP45 Hall sensors : JST 5 pins NTC 10K Temperature sensor = JST 2 pins  Crystalite HS4080
  • Thru axle motor TC2540 1000W 12x142mm
    713,50 € in stock
    Direct drive Thru axle motor developed specifically to electrify full suspension MTB with 12x142mm thru axle or Boost 12x148mm standard. Machined CNC CNC Stator Designed to receive a screwing freewheel.
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items