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Brushless Central Motors

Discover in this category our Brushless motors for the design of an electric traction chain which requires a chain or belt transmission of 1000W, 2000W, 3000W, 5000W, 10000W, 15000W. Whether you are building a machine tool, or a motorbike or an electric karting, we certainly have an electric brushless motor adapted to your needs.

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  • Central 15000W electric motor with water cooling for boats.
    1 390,00 € In Stock
    Especially designed for motorcycle, karting, boat, or sailboat Specially designed for retrofitting boats, motorcycles, karts, quads or sailboats, this IPM brushless electric motor with central rotor is designed to deliver 20kW continuous power and up to 50kW peak power at 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V or 96V DC, making it perfect for converting a boat or sailboat...
  • Central Brushless Motor 6kW
    790,00 € In Stock
    Brushless BLDC 6kW motor to convert any bike 125cc or 250cc into electric. Can also powered electric boat or karting 9,1kg
  • 3500W BLDC brushless central motor
    429,00 € IN STOCK
    3500W BLDC brushless central motor Max speed is 3000 RPM under 48V, 3750 RPM under 60V and 4500 RPM under 72V. Maw torque is 50N.m Ideal to convert 50cc or 80cc into electric.
  • Electric retrofit motor for motocycle or karting
    299,00 € In Stock
    This central rotor Brushless PMSM electric motor is designed to deliver a power of 1000W at 72V, generating a torque of 12 Nm. This is equivalent to a thermal power of 2CV. It will be perfect for retrofitting a thermal motorcycle into an electric motorcycle for children, karting, or any other electric vehicle project. To be installed in place of the...
  • 1000W - 2000W central motor inner rotor MAC 12980
    399,00 € Availability on demand
    Central brushless BLDC inner rotor motor to power tools or kids motorcycle or mini scooter. Brushless BLDC motor can be powered under 24V, 36V or 48V. Max power is 1000W under 24V, 1500W under 36V and 2000W with 48V battery. Top speed is 3500 Tr/min Max torque is 10N.m
  • Moteur 500W 1000W brushless central inner rotor
    199,00 € Availability on demand
    Central brushless BLDC motor that can deliver 500W under 24V, 750W under 36V and 1000W unde 48V. Can drive any rotating tools or small kids electric  motorcycle or scooter. Max speed is 3500 Tr/min under 48V Max torque is 5N.m 16 poles Integrated NTC 10K as temperature sensor
  • Support inox karting
    120,00 € IN STOCK
    Karting bracket in 316L stainless steel, available in 6mm and 8mm thickness. Designed for mounting in place of the combustion engine, directly on the flanges. Compatibility : -6mm thickness: 3.5kW and 6kW motors -8mm thickness: 15kW motor
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items