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Front wheel hub motor bike

Hub motors for bicycle front wheel. Find here our full range of Brushless motors for bikes. Hub motors can be sold singly or spoked on a rim. We offer two types of hub motors: geared or gearless

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  • 250W Front RUNNER electric Drive Wheel
    266,50 € In Stock
  • Spoked drive wheel Speedster FH212
    336,50 € Arrivage en cours
    FH212 motor is the best direct drive motor on the market. Fast and heavy duty it will be the perfect choice for daily use.\r\nIt can accept 36V and 48V with 25A or 35A controller.\r\nIt comes with NTC 10KOhm temperature sensor to control overheating.
  • Complete electric wheel motor for Brompton bike
    349,00 € In Stock
    This Brushless NSM motor has been specially designed to convert your traditionnal brompton into electric. The complete wheel is 16" 3/8 , dopout is 75mm and axle diameter is 8mm. You can easily install it on your brompton and don't need to transform your original frame.
  • Spoked drive wheel DD35 Front
    386,50 € In Stock
    The front motor Transport DD35 is a 1500W direct drive motor, perfect for cargo bikes electric conversion.\r\nHeavy duty and silent you can use it with our 25A or 35A controller.\r\nPower supply in 36V or 48V, 25A, 35A or 40A
  • Donkey drive wheel
    419,50 € In Stock
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items