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Half twist throttle

A half-handle will be attached to the handlebars of your electric bike and allow you to accelerate using your handle, pedaling can therefore become accessory in certain situations. Most useful accessory for your electric kit.

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  • Half handle accelerator
    18,00 € In Stock
    Half handle type accelerator. Ideal for long rides and people used to motorcycle. Compatible with all our kits.
  • Half handle accelerator with push button
    25,00 € In Stock
    This "half-handle" type accelerator incorporates a push button that can allow you to turn the engine off when connected to the controller's "brake off" input or to disable the cruise control or activate the horn built into the LED headlight.
  • Half handle accelerator with 3 position switch
    25,00 € In Stock
    For informed customers only. Half handle type accelerator delivering a 0-5V linear signal. Integrated three-position switch. Warning: this switch is not compatible with our kits and is not compatible with the Cycle analyst. It is only compatible with our generic electric bicycle controller.
  • Half handle accelerator with 2 position button
    25,00 € In Stock
    This half handle accelerator is compatible with all our kits. The two-position switch can be used to turn off the engine if it is wired to the "brake off" input of the controller or to power your lighting.
  • Lock-on type half handle accelerator for ebike
    25,00 € In Stock
    The new half handle has a much smaller outside diameter than the old one, which allows a perfect integration on the handlebar without generating gear shifting. The diameter is identical to that of the lock-on handles.
  • Half handle with battery gauge 36V or 48V
    35,00 € In Stock
    Half handle lock on type with battery gauge 36V or 48V. The LEDs give you an idea of the remaining energy in the battery: 20%, 50%, 100%. It incorporates a two-position switch
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items