This wattmeter is the ideal tool for those who would like to have an autonomy gauge and a reliable power.
Adaptable in few minutes only on all the electric bikes, electric scooters, electric quadricycles, the wattmeter will allow you to access the following datas :
  • Battery voltage : 4,8V to 60V DC (resolution 0,01V)
  • Discharge instantaneous current : 0 to 130A (resolution 0,01A)
  • Instantaneous power : 0 to 6554W (resolution 0,1W)
  • Capacité consommée : 0 à 65Ah (résolution 0,001 Ah)
  • Energy consumed : 0 to 6554Wh (resolution 0,1Wh)
  • Using time : display in minutes (resolution 1 second)
Reading the consumed capacity allows us to precisely know the remaining energy left in your battery. For example, if your battery has a maximum capacity of 10Ah and that the screen of your wattmeter indicates that you consumed 6Ah, you can deduct that you still have 40% of energy left.

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