Our lithium batteries offer gives you the possibility to choose a battery adapted to your e-bike kit or to your electric bike.

The battery choice must take into consideration the power and the autonomy you want. In order to help you understand all the technical parameters, we implemented a technical information page and we put technical articles in our Blog.

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  • Lithium batteries

    You will find here all our selection of lithium batteries for electric bike conversion kits and electric bikes. Our lithium batteries are all equipped with a BMS which controls the charging and discharging cycles of the battery.

    We use Panasonic and Samsung branded cells. These are high quality cells and they will ensure you a remarkable reliability and an optimum service life.

    We offer you 24V, 36V and 48V batteries with various capacities and shapes in order to best answer to your needs.

  • Lithium Start Boosters

    The OZO Start Boosters are multifunction powerbanks : Car Jump Starter, Powerbank charger, Flashlight, Compass, Air compressor, USB Charger, DC 12V Charger…

    These Lithium Start Boosters will allow you to start your vehicle in case of a flat battery. Also thanks to its lithium battery and it USB hub and DC 12V hub, as genuine powerbanks, they will give you the possibility to charge your electronical devices: smartphone, computer, camera…

    Capacity : From 30Wh to 72Wh

    Starting Current : from 200A to 300A

    Peak current : from 400A to 600A

  • Reconditioning and...

    Does you electric bike battery show weaknesses or is completely out of order?

    Lack of autonomy, not charging anymore…We can help you !

    We have trial materials for lithium and lead batteries in our workshop.
    Thus we can make a complete diagnosis of your battery in order to know the origin of the failure and we can repair your battery or replace when needed.
    If no repairs can be made, we can replace your defective battery by a new one.
    If we don’t have the same battery casing as your origin battery, we will dismantle your battery to use its casing and we will replace all of the cells pack by a new pack made of Panasonic, Samsung or Sony cells.

    For electric bikes equipped with a lithium battery :

    If your battery is less than 2 years old and that it has lost autonomy, your battery may be imbalanced. If we think that, following our diagnosis, it is possible to balance again your battery, it will result way cheaper for you than to buy a new battery.
    If no repairs can be made on your battery, we can replace the full pack cells by one of our Panasonic pack.
    If your battery is more than 2 years-old, it is advised to ask us for cells pack replacement because it’s highly possible that your batteries has reached its maximum life expectancy and that no repairs can be made. .
    Please note that the cells we use are Panasonic, Samsung or Sony cells and that the complete replacement of the pack cells will help you gain in effectiveness and weight for your bike battery, especially if your battery was previously assembled with Chinese cells, which happens often for first or medium priced range electric bikes.

    For electric bikes equipped with a lead battery :

    Some of you may have an electric bike with a lead battery. These batteries are heavy and not really effective. If you need to change your battery, we can present you lead replacement batteries however we advise you to choose lithium instead because of its lighter weight.
    For example, a Greencity electric bike equipped with a lead battery 24V 7Ah. This lead battery weight 5,5Kg and its actual capacity is around 5Ah (Peukert effect on Lead).
    The similar lithium battery we can present you only weights 1,2kg and supplies an actual autonomy of 8,8Ah which represents a gain of 4,3Kg less weight on your bike and an autonomy increase of 75%.


    We can offer you generic batteries for several brands of electric bikes : Hilltecks, Flying cat, Pompom, Greencity Madrid, Inovelo, Easybike, Dunand, Easymouv, Dodane energy, Eveo, Post officers bikes, Carrefour, Forerunner, Cycleurope, Veilex, ISD, Ovo bike, Auchan, Neomouv, Eazymouv, Solex… Our generic batteries for electric bikes are built from Panasonic cells which guarantees optimim efficiency.
    Feel free to contact our technical team in order to solve your battery issues or if you need a lithium battery for a specific use.
    Provision of services
    Charge capacity trial without opening the battery (bench testing)
    €20 including taxes
    Lithium battery diagnosis without bench testing
    €30 including taxes
    Lithium battery diagnosis with bench testing
    €20 including taxes
    Lithium battery diagnosis with bench testing
    €50 including taxes
    24V Lithium battery balancing
    €40 including taxes
    36V Lithium battery balancing
    €50 including taxes
    Panasonic generic battery 24V 8,8Ah
    €249 including taxes
    Sony generic battery 36V 8,8Ah
    €299 including taxes
    Cells pack replacement including labour
    From €50 to €70 including taxes
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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items