Saddle bag for 36V and 48V battery


This bag is suitable for batteries 36V9Ah 11.6Ah 14.5Ah 48V12Ah and 14Ah, Bosch powerpack 300, 400Wh and 500 Wh, Shimano steps 500 and Giant Energypack.

At the back of the bag, you can fix a 15 Lumens security light

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35,00 €

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Warranty 2 years

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Designed for OZO 36V 9Ah, 36V 11, 6Ah, 36V 14, 5Ah, 48V 12Ah, 48V 14Ah batteries, but the dimensions of this saddle bag will also allow you to carry a Bosch powerpack 300, 400Wh battery and 500Wh but also the batteries Shimano steps 400Wh and 500 Wh, Giant Energypack Full E.

On a bike equipped with an electric kit OZO, you can use this bag to carry your PVC battery and free the location of gourds doors.

The zipper positioned on the back of the bag, can enlarge it thanks to a bellows. In closed position can be housed a small battery 36V 9Ah and once the bellows open can be installed a larger battery up to at 48V 14 Ah.

At the back of the bag, a strap allows to fix the 15 Lumens security light.

This bag is also perfect for travelers on traditional bike, looking for a good volume of loading and a good seal.

Yamaha batteries are not compatible with this case.

Min length: 24 cm
Max length: 31 cm
Width: 10 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Mini volume: 2,2 L
Max volume: 2.9 L