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Neoprene strip

The neoprene bands will ensure more stability and safety for your frame battery if you have a sporting use of your electric kit for eBikes

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  • Protège base Néoprène
    5,00 € In Stock
    The Stretch Neoprene Base Protector for bicycles provides protection against scratches, impacts, and outdoor elements. Made of neoprene, it fits snugly around the bike base, and its velcro system ensures a secure, easy, and quick installation. Moreover, it allows cables to pass through, ensuring neat and organized organization. Dimensions: 18.5cm X 14cm
  • Battery strap
    6,50 € In Stock
    Nylon Battery strap to secure your heavy battery frame and avoid to impact M5 screw on your frame. Nylon and velcro strap can fit on any frame battery up to 1000Wh Dimensions : 60cm X 5cm
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items