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Electric karting and Motorcycle conversion kit

Convert easily your gasoline motorcycle or karting into electric motorcycle or ekarting with our electric rear drive central motor.

You can do your own electric motorcycle or hybride or electric karting.

DIY kit for bikes and karting

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  • 19" 80/100 mixte 2.75-R19 Motorcycle tire
    69,00 € In Stock
     19" 80/100 mixte 2.75-R19 Motorcycle tire Outside diameter 627mm Width 80mm
  • Rear wheel retrofit kit 5000W
    878,00 € Out of stock
    This 5000W electric rear wheel kit allows you to transform your 50cc or 125cc internal combustion motorcycle into an electric motorcycle or to create a hybrid motorcycle. The DD55 electric wheel motor is radiated on a 17" or 19" aluminum rim. You can power this kit with our Lithium batteries in 48V or 72V.
  • Kit Karting
    1 412,30 € Back order
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items