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Maximum speed

25 - 40

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FAT BIKES Kits without battery

Fat bikes are perfect to ride under snow our on sand. Moreover it's again better with an electric motor. OZO offers a whole range of electric motors to convert any Fat bikes into ebikes. Easy to install you can do it by yourself. Hub motor or middle motor from 250W to 1500W. Hub motor is cheaper. Middle motor offer a huge torque of more than 200N.m

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  • Fat Bike 250W rear wheel kit without battery
    766,10 € In Stock
    Ride in the snow, on the sand without limit. The Fat Bike 250W kit delivers 60N.m of torque. It is designed for all fat bikes and riders under 80Kg.
  • Fat Bike 500W to 750W rear wheel kit without battery
    811,10 € In Stock
    80N.m of torque for this motor specially designed for Fat bikes and riders up to 100Kg. You can travel everywhere, snow, sand, mud, stones, nothing stops it. Rear motor wheel special Fat bikes, waterproof connector, color TFT screen.
  • BBSHD 42T chainring
    Limited special offer
    1000W BBSHD 48V pedal motor kit without battery
    939,00 € 1 016,30 € -77,30 € In Stock
    Reduced price!
    The Beast ! More than 200N.m of torque. This 1000W middle drive motor BBSHD here in M615 version is a war machine, a Tank ! 6Kg butallows you to climb the trees. It will be perfect for heavy riders over 110Kg, extrem MTB or Fat bikes orany other bike on which TORQUE is the master word.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items