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Cycle analyst

What is a Cycle Analyst?

A cycle analyst is real board computer. It gives you access to all of your motorization parameters and gives you the possibility to parameter yourself all these characteristics according to your needs.
The cycle analyst gives you a precise indication of the remaining energy left in your battery and memorizes the last ...
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  • Cycle analyst V3 DPS
    209,00 € OUT OF STOCK
    The V3 Cycle Analyst is the next step for the CA product line to not only monitor what is going on in an ebike, but also control it. In the V2 CA we included basic throttle over-ride capabilities for speed, current, and low voltage limiting that proved quite popular, but fundamentally it was mostly a passive display. With the V3 Cycle Analyst, all the...
  • Cycle Analyst V3 Universel
    239,00 € OUT OF STOCK
    Le cycle analyst V3 est l'ordinateur de bord le plus complet du marché. Le CA V3 intègre toutes les fonctions d'un bon display mais vous permet aussi de régler tous les paramètres de votre système : temps de réponse, courbe d'accélération, couple, vitesse... Le cycle analyst est fourni de serie avec un support de fixation sur guidon.
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items