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The other bicycle accessories will allow you to use your VAE more pleasantly if you observe certain constraints. OZO therefore presents its accessories to improve your electric kit.

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  • Ressort Steer damper 695
    14,00 € Back order
  • Cadre hybride
    949,00 € In Stock
  • 10" mini scooter front wheel
    79,00 € In stock
    10" mini scooter front wheel to match with our 10'' motor. Sold with tire and disc brake 140mm
  • double accessories adapter Ø25 - 31.8mm
    22,00 € In Stock
    Ce support d'accessoire double peut etre installer facilement sur tous les guidons de diamètre 25 mm à 31.8 mm. Il vous permettra notamment d'installer votre display ainsi que la gachette d'accélérateur au pouce.Diamètre du guidon : Ø25 à 31.8mm Diamètre des supports accessoires : 22mm Matière : Aluminium Couleur : Noir
  • Neoprene cover for frame battery
    25,00 € In Stock
    The protective cover for frame battery provides protection against bad weather, dirt ... Made of neoprene, it also offers a thermal insulation beneficial to the autonomy and the life of the battery of your VAE. Compatible with all OZO frame batteries, Bosch Powerpack, Shimano Steps, Giant, Yamaha, Nakamura, Norauto, 02feel, Neomouv ...
  • 12" front wheel for industrial engine
    79,00 € In Stock
    12" front wheel for OZO industrial engines
  • Bequille double Jumbo 80kg
    45,00 € In Stock
  • Rain cover for your ebikes display
    8,90 € Out of stock
    Rain cover for your ebikes display
  • Battery strap
    6,50 € In Stock
    Nylon Battery strap to secure your heavy battery frame and avoid to impact M5 screw on your frame. Nylon and velcro strap can fit on any frame battery up to 1000Wh Dimensions : 60cm X 5cm
  • Anti-theft GRANIT™ Power 58
    116,95 € Out of stock
    This GRANIT™ Power 58 lock will protect your bike in case of attempted theft. This 18 mm diameter U-shaped anti-theft lock is classified as having a very good ABUS GLOBAL PROTECTION STANDARD® security level 18. When the GRANIT™ Power 58 is closed, the handle locks twice in the lock body. The ABUS XPlus anti-lock cylinder hides behind the manual cap to...
  • Support XLC pour vélo
    39,00 € In Stock
    XLC display stand for one bike To be used as a bike stand or sales displayMade of sturdy steel.It can accommodate a bike with a maximum tire width of 70mm.
  • XLC BC-S06 side bottle cage
    11,00 € In stock
    The XLC BC-S06 side bottle cage can be mounted to your frame in any orientation, so it's ideal for left-handed and right-handed people alike. It comes with all the mounting screws you'll need to secure it to the bike and will give you a firm and reliable grip on your bottles as you ride. It is made of plastic. Weight: 49g
  • Anti-theft GRANIT™ Plus 470
    84,95 € Out of stock
    With PowerCellABUS technology, the GRANIT™ Plus 470 provides optimal protection against knock and pull attacks. The handle, housing and support parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel. In addition, it is equipped with a hook-resistant disc cylinder. This combination allowed the GRANIT™ Plus 470 to win several quality labels,...
  • SKS Bottle cage adapter
    6,99 € In stock
    Convenient bicycle water bottle holder adapter for gourds. It couldn't be more flexible! The SKS bicycle bottle cage adapter can be attached to the seat post of the bicycle, to the stem or anywhere on the bicycle with the adjustable belt on the quick connector. This means your bicycle bottle is always at hand. We offer this support to create a new...
  • Anti-theft with alarm BORDO™ 6000KA
    159,95 € Out of stock
    This BORDO™ 6000KA lock protects your bike from thieves by triggering a movement alarm. Equipped with a modern locking cylinder system, the XPlus, which ensures that thieves have even more difficulty during flight attempts especially by crocheting. In addition, an audible alarm of up to 100 dB attracts attention in case of attempted theft. Thanks to...
  • SKS ANYWHERE Bottle cage adapter
    9,99 € Current supply
    The SKS Anywhere bottle cage adapter will allow you to create a new bottle cage holder when your gourd battery takes the place of the bottle cage on the frame.Its two straps can be installed on all kinds of tubes from 50 to 80 mm in diameter (i.e. 160 to 250 mm in circumference).
  • Handlebar mount with integrated GoPro port
    14,90 € In Stock
    Support for accessories on the handlebars allowing to install a display or gps and an OZO lamp or any other with a Gopro type interface.
  • Zéfal SPY minimalist rearview mirror
    11,95 € Current supply
    The Spy mirror can be attached to several places on your bike. The elastic strap makes it easy to install on a 22-60mm diameter tube. Ideal for road and MTB sports use.
  • Chain-Lock Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C
    29,95 € Contact us
    This  ABUS Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C lock chain will protect your bike from thieves. This chain offers good safety properties and is easily transportable: you just have to wrap the chain. It works with combinations and the numbers remain readable even after long use so you can enjoy your Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C for as long as possible.
  • Adapter for bottle holder ADDITIVE SPACER TWO
    17,90 € In stock
    Same positioning of the bracket on the handlebar or stem. Our bottle cage adapter is attached with two clamps. Either on the outside of the ahead spacer (mostly sport, trekking and MTBs) or directly on the standard stem - also known as a clamping wedge stem (mostly on comfort bikes with a deep step-through). The stem dismantling is not necessary, so that...
  • Anti-theft Chain Claw 10
    99,95 € Out of stock
    This handcuff-like lock will effectively protect your bike from thieves. Equipped with a hardened steel chain 7 mm thick and 10 cm long, this bicycle lock offers a comfortable safety in the renowned ABUS quality. Thanks to the integrated joints, the collars can rotate 360 degrees, making this lock very flexible. In addition, it has anti-scratch...
  • Anti-theft COMBIFLEX™ Travel Guard
    29,95 € In stock
    The Combiflex ABUS TravelGuard is the ideal lock for quickly and effectively securing items like bicycle helmets and bags while you're on the move. Lightweight, robust, and user-friendly, it provides reliable protection. Its customizable three-digit code and flexible cable make it a versatile choice. Compact and weighing only 86 g, it easily slips into...
  • XLC double accessories adapter Ø28.6mm headset
    22,00 € Out of stock
    Ce support d'accessoire double peut etre installer facilement sur tous les pivots de direction en diamètre 28.6 mm avec potence headset. Il vous permettra notamment d'installer votre display ainsi que la gachette d'accélérateur au pouce.Diamètre du tube de fourche : Ø28,6mm Diamètre des supports accessoires : 22mm Matière : Aluminium 6010 , CNC...
  • Fixation GoPro for bike
    39,95 € IN STOCK
    GoPro fixation for bike
  • MultiClip Plus
    11,95 € IN STOCK
    Handlebar holder to mount light, computer or GPS for bike
  • Trailer hitch universal coupling ball 2 parts
    34,90 € BACK ORDER
    Trailer hitch/universal coupling complete (2 parts). Fits on the seat tube.
  • Handlebar support with lock
    29,95 € In Stock
    Handlebar support with lock
  • Roue Avant Route 9x100 frein à patins
    134,40 € In Stock
    This front wheel pack includes a complete spoked wheel with French rim MACH1 ROAD RUNNER in 700 x 23c to 32c, reinforced 2.3mm spokes in the color of your choice and a Shimano 9x100 hub compatible with skid brakes
  • Under frame controller support
    14,99 € In stock
    This bracket allows to fix the controller under the frame and to let the cables of the derailleur and the brake pass easily. 
  • Front wheel 9x100 mountain bike
    128,90 € In Stock
    This front wheel pack for mountain bike includes a complete spoked wheel with french rim MACH1 adapted to your bike, reinforced 2,3mm spokes in the color of your choice and a Shimano front wheel hub compatible with disc brake.
  • Roue avant VTT 9x100
    185,00 € In Stock
    This MTB front wheel pack includes a complete spoked wheel with MACH1 Trucky French rim, reinforced spokes in the color of your choice and a 20x110mm front wheel hub for 10G/13G spokes
  • Front wheel gravel 9x100
    171,40 € In Stock
    This complete wheel is spoked with French MACH1 gravel rim 700x19c, reinforced spokes in the color of your choice and a Shimano disc brake compatible front wheel hub.
  • Kit Tubeless
    39,00 € In Stock
  • Venturo helmet
    59,00 € In stock
    Venturo ATV helmet available in several colors Black/Grey/White.S/M (54-58cm) L/XL (58-62cm)
  • Centrail urban helmet
    139,00 € Contact us
    Centrail urban helmet available in several colors Blue/Olive/Anthracite/SolS/M (54-57cm) L/XL (57-59cm)
  • Helmet Hyban 2.0
    79,95 € In stock
    Its large main reflectors as well as numerous secondary reflectors ensure a high visibility of the cyclist, day and night. Complemented by a powerful built-in LED taillight, the Hyban is a perfect bike helmet for everyday use in the city. One of the lightest hard-shell helmets on the market!M (52-58cm) L (56-61cm)
  • XLC handle grip lock on 135mm
    19,90 € In stock
    The double screw locking system of the XLC grips Durchblick GR-S06 is sure to give you a firm grip on your bike, allowing you to confidently navigate your way down even the toughest trails. Not only does the double locking system keep these grips firmly fixed on your handlebars, eliminating the risk of slipping, but this system makes them quick and easy...
Showing 1 - 40 of 40 items