DD27 Speedster rear hub motor 1000W

This direct drive rear hub motor DD27 is the perfect choice for daily ride. Fast , silent and reliable, you will enjoy to commute everywhere and for a long time.

You can hope to use it during 200 000Km

Speed will be 35Km/h on 26" wheel and 36V or 45Km/h with 48V battery

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Warranty 2 years

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The DD27 speedster rear motor is a direct drive motor derived from electric scooter motor. Reliability of all tests, this motor is the best in price / performance ratio.

It will be perfect for everyday general use: velotaf, cargo bike, tricycle but also for machines where it is not possible to pedal like scooters.

Very quiet, it will be comfortable on the road and in daily use "vélotaf", it is also the happiness of all those who wish to use their bike without pedaling.

We recommend using this motor with our 25A dual sensored / sensorless FOC controller. The motor comes with Anderson connectors for power cables and JST for Hall sensors and temperature sensor.

The motor comes with Anderson connectors for power cables and JST for hall sensors and temperature sensors.

The temperature sensor NTC 10KOhm can be connected directly to the controller OZO 25A or V3 anlyst cycle.

If the motor heats up, the controller reduces the current sent to the motor to avoid damage to the winding.

The DD27 speedster motor has a thread to receive a freewheel to screw. You can install a freewheel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 speeds.


You will be able to attach your standard 6-hole brake disc to the engine. The motor shaft is mounted on ball bearings and the seal is provided by two spinnaker seals at the output of the shaft and the sealing lug on the motor flanges.

Speedster DD27 engine plan

 Dimensions Moteur RH205

Data sheet

Garantie2 ans
Intensité max???
Couple max sur roue de 26 pouces?????
Puissance max???
Compatibilité frein à disque???
Cable de puissance???
Diamètre de roue mini????
Roue libre ou cassetteRoue libre à visser 5 à 10 vitesses.
Tension Max???
Motor Kv (RPM / V)9 Tr/min/Volt
connecteur moteurAnderson pour les phases, JST pour les capteurs Hall et la sonde de température
Nombre d'aimants46
Motor axle14x10mm