36V - 250W - 400W

36V - 250W - 400W


Mid-drive motor benefits:

- Better masses distribution on the bike frame.
- According to the transmission ratio, with a mid-drive motor, the wheel torque will be superior to the wheel motor torque of same electric power.
- No mechanical strength effect on the bike’s frame.
- Possible assembly on bikes with a rear thru axle as long as the pedal case is suitable.

Mid-drive motor disadvantages:

- More difficult assembly: specific tools are necessary (we provide these tools on our website).
- It reduces the distance to the floor of approximately 2 cm according to the bicycle frame geometry, which could be a disability if you wish to use your bike for AVT mountain obstacles crossing.
- It doesn’t allow you to keep your original pedal case.
- It doesn’t allow you to keep your front derailleur: Single or double chainring with adaptor assembly compulsory.
- Mechanical strength effect even more significant on the bike chain and the sprocket set; Powerful mid-drive motors need a strengthened chain that we provide on our site.

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