pedelec magnet ring holder adapter

These adapters allow to install the pagnet ring of your pedelec sensor on any bottom bracket standard.

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15,00 €

  • 4x90
  • 4x94
  • 4x104
  • 4x110
  • 5x72
  • 5x94
  • 5x110
  • 5x135

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Warranty 2 years

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We offer different adapters for all botttom bracket standards :

4x90 (compact standard 11V double chainring 4X110)

4x94 (single chainring MTB 94BCD)

4x104 (Main MTB standard - 104BCD)

5x72 (Road bicycle with 3x rings 5x130 ou 5x135mm)

5x110 (Road compact standard double chainring 5x110mm)

For MTB standard 76 BCD (4x76) it's not necessary to use adapter as you can directly install the magnet ring with glue.

How to check your standard ?


4 holes :

How to install the magnet ring on adapter :