Travel Charger 12V for Lithium Battery 36V 2A

This travel charger allows you to charge the 36V lithium batteries (42V DC) of your electric assist bike (EVA) wherever you are. It connects to the cigarette lighter where to the 12 V edge of your car, your camper, your boat ...

Charging current: 2A / Voltage: 12V / 36V

We offer different types of charging connectors: XLR, RCA and DC Jack (2,1x5,5x12mm)

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  • RCA
  • Jack
  • XLR

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Warranty 2 years

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Travel charger for 36V Lithium battery with 12V cigarette lighter socket. Allows recharging all 36 Volt Lithium batteries (42V DC) via a cigarette lighter 12V car, motorhome, boat ...

To properly choose your electric bike charger, check the voltage of your battery and its connections.

This charger is designed to charge Lithium batteries with a nominal 36V and 42V max.

Charging current: 2A / Voltage: 12V / 36V

We offer three types of charging connectors to choose from for this charger: XLR, RCA and DC Jack (2,1x5,5x12mm)

This charger is equipped with a protection function against the discharge of the battery of the vehicle to prevent its voltage drops sharply when charging the battery of the VAE. If the voltage of your vehicle reaches 11V, the charger cuts it.

Attention does not work with Btwin batteries from decathlon, Bosh, Yamaha, Brose.

Data sheet

intensité de charge2A
Tension d'alimentation11 à 16V DC
Tension de sortie42V DC