48V Lithium Battery frame bottle type

OZO offers a wide range of 48V Lithium batteries to be attached to the frame of the bike.

Choose your battery according to the autonomy you want. A 1000Wh battery will give you twice the autonomy of a 500Wh battery. Our 48V frame batteries are delivered with a fixing rail to screw in place of the bottle holder. Using the key you can lock your battery on the frame of the bike.

Our batteries are guaranteed for 2 years.

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  • Battery 48V 600Wh CADRE n°1 PANASONIC Lithium
  • Batterie 48V 900Wh CADRE n°3 PANASONIC Lithium
  • Battery 48V 1100Wh CADRE n°3 PANASONIC Lithium
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Our batteries pros

All OZO 48V frame batteries are assembled with high-end Panasonic Lithium cells allowing you to benefit from the best performance on the market and the best lifespan.

All our batteries are guaranteed for 2 years. The 48V OZO frame batteries are delivered in an ABS plastic shroud which incorporates an ON / OFF switch and a LED gauge to check the state of charge of the battery.

This fairing protects the battery against shocks and bad weather.

A key lock allows the 48V frame battery to be locked to the frame of the bike to ensure good protection against theft.

The frame batteries can be installed on the frame of the bike instead of the bottle holder or on the luggage rack.

Batteries charging time

Battery name2A3A4A
Battery 48V 14Ah 670Wh
7 h4h303h30
Battery 48V 840Wh
Battery 48V 1000Wh
Battery 48V 1100Wh

We offer for sale 48V 2A chargers48V 4A chargers

Our batteries characteristics

Battery nameDimensionsWeightChargingPower socket
Battery 48V 670Wh
365x95x90mm3.5kgJack connectorAnderson connector
Battery 48V 840Wh
365x95x90mm4.4kgJack connectorAnderson connector
Battery 48V 1000Wh
367x141x90mm4.6kgJack connectorAnderson connector
Battery 48V 1100Wh
367x141x90mm5.2kgJack connectorAnderson connector

If you have other load or power connectors, OZO offers adapters to overcome this problem.

Informations complémentaires

Power support and connectivity

The battery is delivered with a support to be screwed onto the frame instead of the bottle holder. The battery can be locked to the frame with a key lock. It comes as standard with an Anderson Powerpole power connector for a perfect match with your OZO electric motor kit.

Charging is done through a jack and the battery has an ON / OFF switch to turn off the entire system.

The battery gauge will allow you to have an overview of the remaining autonomy of your battery.

The battery is delivered with its battery rail as well as a set of keys to be able to firmly block the battery to its rail.

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Tension nominale48V


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