Bottle battery 12V 14Ah 202Wh for industrial


This 12V 14Ah bottle format Lithium battery is supplied with a support allowing it to be installed on any type of trolley, frame, chassis. Its metal packaging makes it solid and robust for daily and easy handling thanks to its grip handle. You can easily move it with a pair of handling glove.

Its key lock prevents theft and loss.

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349,00 €

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Warranty 2 years

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Dimension: 325 * 96mm without support / 330 * 110mm with support

Mass : 1,9 kg

The 12V 14Ah 202Wh OZO bottle battery is manufactured in our battery laboratory located in FRANCE, if you want a longer autonomy, a tailor-made model, do not hesitate to contact us on

This battery, already acclaimed by major manufacturers, will integrate perfectly with your machine, lifting table, logistics trolley, handling, your stand-alone installation, independent weather station, remote projector, portable electric camping device.

The battery is delivered with a support allowing to install it instead of the bottle cage of your bike. You can then lock the battery on the holder with a key.

The head of the battery includes an Leds autonomy gauge.

The cylinder is aluminum and the ends are plastic. The weight of the battery is 1,9kg.

The charging time is 7h with a 12V 2A charger.

This battery is equipped with a BMS (Battery management system) which regulates charging and discharging in order to preserve its lifespan.

The battery is assembled with the best cells of big brands like LG and Sanyo.

Supplied with support, locking key and cable for connection to the controller with Anderson connector for power and Jack for load.

The power cable has a length of 400mm. If you want a different length please contact us on


Fonctions batterie bouteille ozo

1- charge

2- Power

3- ON/OFF switch

4- support

5- Carry handle

6- LED gauge


(pattern to print pdf file in A3 format to have the battery at 1: 1 scale, actual size) 

Dimension without support 

Dimension with support

Leds gauge

jauge d'autonomie batterie ozo 100 100 


Jauge d'autonomie batterie ozo 70 100 


Jauge autonomie batterie 45 ozo 


Jauge autonomie batterie 20  


Jauge d'autonomie batterie 5 


On/Off switch

On off batterie bouteille

Power connector

On/off switch and power cable with Anderson connector.

Concentrique puissance batterie bouteille

Charge connection

Jack DC 2.1 directly on battery tube 

Prise de charge batterie bouteille


Data sheet

Garantie2 years
Tension nominale12V
Dimensionswithout support : 325*96mm / with support : 330*110mm
Technologie Li-Mn
Plage de température pour la décharge-5°C à 45°C
Masse1,9 kg
Intensité max de décharge20A
Intensité nominale de décharge15A
Plage de température pour le stockage10°C à 30°C
Jauge batterie intégréeYes
intensité de charge 2A
Plage de température pour la charge0°C à 45°C
Connecteur de puissanceAnderson
Support de fixationYes
poigné de portageYes