Controller 25A 12V 24V 36V 48V dual sensored/sensorless

The OZO controller 24V 36V 48V integrates high quality electronic components from the automotive world.

Dual sensored / sensorless adaptive field-oriented sinusoidal mapping (FOC) will allow to power main brushless DC motors (BLDC) which ride at low speed and high torque..

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The OZO 25A FOC field oriented sinewave controller integrates offers a whole range of applications.

This control system can be powered from 24V to 48V, the higher the voltage of your battery, the more torque you will have and a higher max speed.

This controller is compatible with all of our electric industrial and agricultural wheels.

It can power main brushless DC BLDC motors of the market. You can use it on industrial trolleys fitted with electric wheels, electric picking cart, wheelbarrows, any agriculture machine or golf cart, baby trolley, handicap vehicles...

This driver can be controlled in 2 different ways:

    - By Throttle (potentiometer 0-5V) allowing to set the speed manually from 0 to top speed.

    - By pushing button, joystick, switch allowing to reach a constant max target speed (configurable value) with a customizable acceleration ramp.

Your Brushless motor must be equipped with Hall effect sensors to work with this controller, but even if one senor is defective the system can still work.

Fully tropicalized, waterproof and dustproof, IP64

Technologie : FOC sinewave controller

The output curve of the three phases is sinusoidal. This provides smoother control and quieter operation of the motor, or even completely silent on a direct drive motor.


If one hall sensor is out of service or if one of one wire is cut, the engine will still operate. If a second sensor is defective, the controller will not work.

Command control and accessories

The controller has 6 command inputs:

  - Throttle to set speed manually 

  - Forward pushing button

  - Backward pushing button

  - Electric brake and regeneration

  - On / Off or emergency switch

  - 3x speed selection

You can therefore choose to drive your engine with throttle or with pushing button.

Not all features are required to run your engine, the only controls required are throttle or pushing button.

You can find all of these accessories on our website, if you have a specific needs feel free to send us an email on


gachette au pouce


If you choose this control mode, the throttle allows you to manually adjust the power from 0 to 100% at any time.

interrupteur 3 positions

3x positions switch

If you want several pedaling power modes, you can connect the three-position switch which will allow you to have, as desired: 30%, 60%, or 100% of the maximum power (programmable values). It will act on the maximum speeds of the accelerator or the control unit, depending on the chosen driving mode

Régénération frein


To activate this mode, simply connect a switch to the controller. You will be able to create an electric brake to slow down and stop your machine. While driving, you can activate this function and recharge your battery using the regeneration function.

boitier commande

Power On/Off

interrupteur marche arrêt

Forward / Backward

     - If you use the accelerator mode, your installation will go forward, if you want to activate reverse, you can set up a switch on the Reverse connector

     - If you use the push button and fixed speed mode, you can connect a push button on the forward gear connector and one on the reverse gear connector. or more simply install a 3-position joystick.

Cartographie moteur
For specific needs, many datas can be set : Max power level and max speed in the three modes, phase current, nominal current, regen level, response time, brake force, brake activation time ... Do not hesitate to contact our technical team for any customization request.

Schéma du contrôleur

Dimension du controleur

Data sheet
Garantie2 ans
Backward modeOUI
TechnologieFull sensored
Connecteur de puissanceAnderson Powerpole PP30
Régénération au freinageYES
Cable de puissance2,5mm2
Tensions admissibles24V, 36V and 48V
Coupure freinYES
Intensité nominale25A
Waterproof gradeIP 64


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