Ebike rear light 30 Lumens


Rear lamp with a light intensity of 0 Lumens weighing only 20 grams.

The advantage of this lamp is its small size it can be easily installed where there is very little space.

It can also be connected directly to the DC output of the OZO 600 lumens lamp.

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Warranty 2 years

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This bicycle tail light is designed to be installed on the back of the seat post but can also be installed on the luggage rack. Modern and compact design, it is designed to be supplied with 6V by a dynamo but can also be supplied by the 6V DC output of the OZO 200 and 600 lumens front lights.

Feu arrière 50 lumens
Feu arrière 50 lumens
Feu arrière 50 lumens

This light delivers a light intensity of 50 Lumens which places it among the most powerful rear lights for bikes. The powerful light beam makes it easy to be seen by motorists.

Tail light seat post:

- Aluminum body for better heat dissipation.

- Small in size, it will fit easily horizontally or vertically in any space
available seat post luggage rack

- It offers a light intensity of 50 Lumens

- Weighs only 20 grams.

- This fire can be supplied only with 6V.

- Waterproof IP65

Feu arrière 50 lumens

Feu arrière 50 lumens

Data sheet

Garantie1 an
DimensionsHauteur : 6 cm | Largeur : 2,2 cm | Profondeur : 3 cm
poids en 26 pouces34 g
Masse34 g
Intensité20 lumens