Agriculture machine electric motor 3000W BLDC

3000W electric wheel motor brushless BLDC for wheelbarrow and agricultural machines, ideal for decreasing Human effort at work. Allows to carry up to 400kg under 48V DC, max torque 200Nm

Including Standard tire 4.00 - 10 and Disc or drum brake.

Weight: 15 kg | Diameter: 455 mm | Dropout: 200 mm | 10 "wheel | Axle: 16x12 | Cable length : 1m 

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449,00 €

  • Drum brake
  • Disc

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Warranty 2 years


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With this 3000W electric brushless wheel, you can convert any agriculture trolley or industrial rolling chassi  into electric. You can install a tire there in 4.00 - 10

This new technology makes it possible to tow a load up to 300kg at 5 km / h (pedestrian speed) in a plowed field and 400 kg on flat and stable ground. This brushless electric motor with direct drive technology is one of the most robust motors on the market, no maintenance required, high endurance and maximum efficiency.

Ideal for weeding beds, special machines, animal breeding, use in vineyards, fields with elevation. Organic farming without the use of fossil fuel, transport of bag of fertilizer, case of champagne, case of wine, fodder,

This assistance will help preserve your health and that of your employees by considerably reducing work effort. This will increase your work pace without forcing and allow you to carry out work previously impossible.

This Brushless motor for agricultural wheelbarrow must be powered with a Lead or Lithium 36V or 48V DC battery.

You will be able to install an agrarian or mixed tire in standard 10 "present on traditional wheelbarrows or tillers. We decline this engine with two braking systems, one with a drum brake system (originally integrated with the wheel) and one with a disc holder (not supplied).

We offer a complete kit (controller, battery, control system) suitable for this engine which will allow you to add an electric motor to your vehicle in less than ten minutes.

Waterproof grade : IP67

2D drawing  (drum brake) :

2D drawing (disc brake) :

3D drawing  (disc brake) :


Data sheet

Backward modeyes
Garantie1 year
Tension nominale36-48V
Masse15 kg
Couple max en 48V200 Nm
Tension d'alimentation36-48V
Hall sensorsOUI
Rs0,3 Ohm
Ls1,2 mH
Cable lenght1m