Wheelbarrow electric Brushless BLDC motor 3000W for agricultural wheelbarrow, trailer, spreader...

You can drow 200 kg on a rude field (280 kg max)
Delivered with a standard wheelbarrow tyre of 10" / 4.00 
Weight: 10,5 kg | Outer diameter rim: 272,5mm (standard wheelbarrow 10 ") | Center distance: 170mm.

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This motor allows you to electrify all your agricultural machinery reducing the work effort. It delivered a strong couple at the pedestrian speed between 2 and 6 km/h. The traction capacity on a ploughed ground is 200 kg, but on a hard ground you can go up to 280 kg (Maybe more in function of the geometry of the chassis and the number of wheel). Work in a total silence without forcing. The application is large : agricultura or viticulture : wheelborrow to transport cumbersome things,
fertilizer bags or wine boxes, spreader electrification, cart, all you need for your cultures. But you can also use it on a trailer. To tow heavy weight over 300 kg, you can install two motors, to double its traction capacity.

You can tow trailer for boats, or market stands. The agricultural motor can be supply in 24V, 36V and 48V in function of the wished traction. Far from a thermic motor maintenance, our motor is a direct drive motor, without gears which do not need a specific maintenance.  

Please note that you can install every tyre of 10" / 4.00 - 4.80. To drive the motor we advise you our KELLY 70A Controller and a thumb throttle to control the motor power by yourself. You can drive the motor in forward direction and in reversing speed. For the battery, we propose you our Lithium 24V,36V and 48V batteries, you can also use lead battery instead of Lithium to supply your system. The lead battery disadvantage is the weight. Because its 5 times superior to a Lithium battery.


Supply voltage : 24V to 84V DC 

Dimensions : 125x84x47mm

IP66 ingress protection

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This ebike accelerator is thumb operated. This model is mixed, that is to say that you can install it on the right of your handlebar as on the left. Ideal for off-road because you will have a better grip of your handlebar in the technical passages. To consult its product sheet, click here.

Three-position switch to attach to the handlebar of your bike and connect to the dedicated connector of the OZO dual sensorless / sensored controller in order to benefit from three different power modes which are programmed on 30%, 60% and 100% as standard.

Note that we can program the three power levels differently by custom programming the controller.

To consult its product sheet, click here.

Two-position waterproof multi-function switch. It can be used as an ON / OFF switch for your lighting or for your controller. Supplied without connector.

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  • If you used the accelarator mode, your installation will move forward, if you want to use the reverse, you will be able to active the reverse a switch on the reverse connector.
  • If you used the mode with a push button and a fixed speed, you will be able to connect a push button on the forward connector and an another push button on the reverse connector or installl a 3 positions joystick.

Accelerator stand straight or elbow shaped for wheelbarrow, cart, agricultural and industrial machinery.

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Data sheet

Garantie2 ans
Paires de pôles magnétiques23
Masse10,9 Kg avec frein à tambour et pneu
Couple max en 48V200 Nm
Technologie moteurBrushless direct drive
Rendement max85%
Marche arrièreOUI
Tensions admissibles24v , 36V, 48V
Tension Max48V
Motor Kv (RPM / V)3,9 Tr/min/Volt
Hall sensorsOUI
Nombre d'aimants46
Motor axle16x12mm
Diamètre exterieur Pneu440mm
Vitesse max sous 24V5Km/h
Vitesse max sous 36V7Km/h
48V max speed10Km/h
electromagnetic resistance torque0,48 N.m
Cable lenght1