Flexible Solar panel 12V 100W ETFE

Grade A solar cells and thin film ETFE lamination ensure a high efficiency and the most reliable quality.

Monocrystalin cells with up to 17.7% efficiency.

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Vnom = 12V / Vmpp = 16,7V / Voc = 19,7V / Ipmax = 5,99A / Isc = 6,51A / Pmax = 100W / Cells : 36 / weight 3,5 kg

Size : 515x1225x3mm

The laminating material that we use is Anti-Seawater-Corrosion, and especially suitable for building Marine Solar Panels; for use on seacraft – boats, yachts, etc.

The Flexible Solar Panels provide a certain versatility that just cannot be achieved by Glass Solar Panels. Their lightweight and flexible characteristics provide seamless integration onto your vehicle.

Seacraft: Boats, Yachts, Cruisers, and houseboats.

Land Vehicles: Caravans, RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers, 4×4, etc.

Aluminum Semi-Flexible Solar Panel ,PET Laminated Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Assembled from an Aluminum Back Sheet and PET laminated Solar Cells.

Data sheet
Garantie2 years
Tension nominale Vmp16,7V
poids en 26 pouces3,5 kg
nombre de cellules33
Tension de sortie12V


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