High power battery Kit 36V 68Ah 2448Wh DIY Lithium iron LiFePO4 LFP

Complete set to assemble yourself a 36V 68Ah 2448Wh Lithium Iron battery with 3.2V 17Ah prismatic cells high quality headway. Ideal for your boat, motorhome, van, caravan, house storage, mobile home, agricultural vehicle.

Easy assembly in just 1 hour, a screwdriver is enough, no knowledge of electronics is required.

The assembly plan is provided upon purchase. 

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Complete kit to assemble a lithium iron battery 36V 68Ah 2448Wh with prismatic cells 3.2V 17Ah 40152S yourself

Best LiFePO4 cell on the market, high power cells to accept a large discharge current (2x times their capacity).

Materials provided:

- 64 Prismatic cells 3.2V 17Ah https://ozo-electric.com/fr/cellules-lithium/728-cellules-headway-40152s-17ah-lifep04-32v-lithium-fer.html. The cells are individually tested before shipping in order to have a perfect balance of the pack.

- 1 BMS 100A (Battery Management System), We offer you with this BMS 100A a common charging port or a separate charging port:

1) Common charge port (34A max), for large charge current charge cycle and independent discharge cycle. The battery can discharge or recharge, but not at the same time.

2) Separate charging port (20A max) for simultaneous charging and discharging of the battery, ideal for solar installations.

- 2mm thick copper junction plates

- Power cables: Section 8AWG / Standard length: 40cm, do not hesitate to contact us if you want different lengths.

- 64 holding matrices, allows the cells to be held together and form a compact and solid block. https://ozo-electric.com/fr/cellules-lithium/729-batterie-holder.html

- Screws

- Suitable fuse

Materials required:

- screwdriver

Benefits :

- Easy installation, accessible to everyone

- Modular, adapts to all locations

- Simplified maintenance, if a cell is out of service, it is possible to replace only this cell without changing the complete battery pack.

- Economic

- Lithium iron has a lifespan of 2000-3000 charge cycles unlike lithium ion (600 cycles) and lead (300 cycles)

- This Lithium battery will perfectly replace your old lead batteries

Specially suitable for home storage, motorhome, boat, solar sailboat, quad, autonomous vehicle, solar installation, mobile home, agricultural vehicle for organic farming.

No knowledge of electronics is required.

The wiring diagram / plan is provided when purchasing the kit.


The battery pack should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. The operating temperature is between -20 ° and 60 ° C. We recommend a storage and use range between 0 and 50 ° C in order to preserve and increase the life of your batteries. The positive and negative metal terminals must be protected in order to avoid a short circuit due to a falling metal object on the pack.

The nominal current of the cell is 2C (34A) in charge and 0,5C (8,5A) in discharge, a peak current (0.5s) of 6C (104A)

For any further questions, please send us an email to batteries@ozo-electric.com


The OZO Batteries application allows you to communicate with the BMS of your OZO battery via bluetooth in order to read the battery parameters such as the instantaneous discharge power, the charging current, the battery charge state, the battery voltage , the voltage of each cell, the temperature, the number of cycles of use...
You can also remotely control your battery to put it on standby, stop charging or discharging and change the name of the battery if you are using several.
Available on Appstore and GooglePlayStore.

Data sheet
Intensité max de décharge2C/136A
Intensité max de charge0,5C/34A