36V Lithium battery PVC Panasonic up to 1800Wh

OZO has been manufacturing 36V PVC Lithium batteries in France since 2013 from high-end Panasonic cells with integrated BMS.

Choose the autonomy of your electric bike by choosing a 36V battery from our wide range of batteries from 500Wh to 1000Wh.

2 years warranty

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  • Battery 36V 100Wh PVC PANASONOC Lithium
  • Battery 36V 250Wh PVC PANASONIC Lithium
  • Battery 36V 350Wh PVC PANASONIC Lithium
  • Battery 36V 500Wh PVC PANASONIC Lithium - Bluetooth
  • Batterie 36V 1000Wh PVC PANASONIC Lithium
  • 36V 1200W Lithium Battery h PVC PANASONIC
  • Battery 36V 1800Wh PVC PANASONIC Lithium

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Our batteries pros 

At OZO, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your electric mobility needs. Discover our 36V PVC Lithium batteries, assembled in France with high-quality Panasonic cells. Choosing OZO means choosing longevity and performance.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Our batteries are composed of premium Panasonic cells, ensuring a long lifespan and maximum performance for your electric vehicle.

Vibration Resistance: Thanks to our matrix assembly process, our batteries are designed to withstand vibrations, ensuring optimal stability even in challenging driving conditions.

Intelligent Control: Each battery is equipped with an electronic charge and discharge regulation circuit, known as the BMS (Battery Management System). The BMS also monitors the pack's temperature and cell balancing for enhanced safety.

Compatibility of OZO 36V Batteries:

100Wh, 250Wh, and 350Wh batteries are specifically designed to work with our 250W kit.

For batteries of 700Wh and higher, a BMS capable of handling up to 60A continuous and 100A maximum is included as standard, suitable for use with OZO controllers of 15A, 22A, 25A, 35A, 40A, and 60A.

Customization: We offer options for specific power or charging connectors as well as BMS units capable of handling even higher discharge currents. Contact us by email to receive a proposal tailored to your needs.

Fast and Solar Charging:

OZO 36V Lithium batteries with a capacity of 1000Wh or more are compatible with fast charging, allowing for a recharge in under two hours.

All our 36V PVC OZO batteries are compatible with solar charging. Choose one of our solar chargers to recharge your battery using solar energy.

Energy Regeneration:

If you have a direct-drive motor, our 36V PVC OZO batteries are compatible with energy regeneration. Use the motor brake to recharge the battery while descending or braking, extending your range.

Invest in quality, efficiency, and durability with OZO 36V Lithium batteries. Trust OZO to power your electric mobility. For any questions or specific requests, contact us by email. Experience electrifying journeys with OZO! ⚡

Batteries charging time

Fast charge
Battery 36V  100Wh1h30XXX
Battery 36V  250Wh3h301h45XX
Battery 36V  350Wh5h302h45XX
Battery 36V  550Wh7h003h30XX
Battery 36V  600Wh9h004h30XX
Battery 36V  750Wh10h005h0042
Battery 36V  900Wh14h157h005h453h00
Battery 36V  1000Wh14h157h005h453h00
Battery 36V  1100Wh15h457h456h153h00
Battery 36V  1200Wh18h009h007h003h00

To charge your OZO 36V PVC battery, we offer the 36V 2A chargerthe 36V 4A charger as well as the 36V 10A fast charger

Our batteries characteristics

DimensionsWeightChargingPower socket
Battery 36V  100Wh200x70x38mm1kgRCAAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  250Wh210x70x46mm1kgRCAAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  350Wh200x70x60mm1.9kg JackAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  550Wh205x85x70mm2.2kgJackAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  600Wh205x104x75mm2.6kgRCAAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  750Wh250x105x80mm3.1kgAndersonAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  900Wh250x138x54mm3.7kgAndersonAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  1000Wh240x180x90mm4.2kgAndersonAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  1100Wh240x200x80mm4,7kgAndersonAnderson PP30
Battery 36V  1200Wh240x220x80mm 5,2 kgAndersonAnderson PP30
Battery 36V 1800Wh260x240x90mm7.1kg
AndersonAnderson PP30

If you have other charging or power connectors, OZO offers you charging plug adapters.

Data sheet
MasseVoir tableau de la description
DimensionsVoir tableau de la description
Plage de température pour la charge0°C à 45°C
Plage de température pour la décharge-10°C à 45°C
Plage de température pour le stockage-5°C à 35°C
Garantie2 years
Connecteur de chargeRCA ou Anderson
Durée de la chargeentre 1h30 et 12h (hors charge rapide)
Tension nominale36V
Connecteur de puissanceAnderson PP30
Jauge batterie intégréeNon
poigné de portageNon
Energie consommée ou produitede 100Wh à 1200Wh
Cable lenght200mm