48V 25Ah 1000Wh PVC Battery SANYO Lithium

This lithium battery Sanyo 48V 25Ah 1200Wh PVC will allow you to travel the longest distances without making concessions on the power of your installation ... it is the model offering the best autonomy.

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949,00 €

  • 60A rated current (100A peak) Fast charge ready 10A
  • Anderson
  • Amass XT90
  • Anderson PP30
  • NON
  • 5A
  • 10A

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Warranty 2 years

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Dimensions: 270x140x7mm

Mass: 4,6 kg

Specially developed for those who want more autonomy, this 48V 25 Ah Lithium battery will allow you to enjoy all the power of your installation without fear of pushing in.

This battery is assembled in 13S7P from high quality SANYO 18650GA 3500mAh cells.

The cells are held together by a matrix. This process improves the vibration resistance and reduces the thermal heating of the pack to offer you the best performance in use and over the long term.

The price includes the complete battery pack (cells + BMS) as well as power and load connections and fuses.

If you want a specific connection do not hesitate to send us an email to get a proposal.

This battery is equipped with an electronic circuit regulating the charge and discharge called BMS.


Note for OZO electrical kits

This battery is a very good choice for powering our 48V wheel motor kits.

The interest of this battery compared to other batteries of our site is its small size because it does not have fairing. It is also the model that offers the most autonomy of the range.

It will be fine for installations in saddlebags or battery backup in the backpack.

XT90 connector
Connecteur Batterie 48V 17Ah PVC Panasonic
Anderson connector

It is possible to add a battery gauge to led on these models of battery that you will find opposite.

Data sheet

Tension nominale36V
Plage de température pour la décharge???
Masse1,10 kg
Intensité max de décharge????
Intensité nominale de décharge???
Plage de température pour le stockage???
Jauge batterie intégrée????
Connecteur de charge????
Intensité max de charge15A
intensité de charge????
Plage de température pour la charge???
Connecteur de puissance???
Support de fixation???
poigné de portage???