Fast charger 12V 25A for Lithium Iron LFP or Lead battery

Battery charger AGM , Lead Acid 12V 20A.

Charging voltage 14,6V.

Charge current : 20A

Charge Connector: Anderson or clamp on demand.

Charging cable length: 1260 mm.

Power cable length: 1500 mm.

Charger size: 174x90x65 mm

Weight: 1015 gr.

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This 12V 25A charger is compatible with all models of Lead battery, Starter battery, Energy storage battery, Stationary battery, car battery, boat, tractor, cart.

Allows deep discharge batteries to be charged, without electronic monitoring blocking the charge of most empty batteries. The majority of smart chargers cannot charge deep discharge batteries. This 12V 20A charger can charge and save a battery regardless of its state of discharge.

It recharges a 12V 25Ah battery in one hour and a 12V 100Ah in four hours.

You can use this 25A 12V charger with all our biggest Lead batteries

12V 25A charger dimensions :


Connector :

Charge indicator :

Data sheet
Dimensions174x90x65 mm
Intensité max de charge25A
Garantie2 years
Connecteur de chargeAnderson
poids en 26 pouces1000 Gr
Tension nominale14,6V