chainring adapter 4x104 BCD for Bafang BBS01 BBS02

chainring adapter 4x104 BCD for Bafang BBS01 BBS02

With this adapter you can adapt any 4 holes 4x104 chainring and even add double transmission on your ebikes.

CNC machined Aluminium 7075

Made in France

Only for BBS01 and BBS02, this item don't match with BBSHD

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This adapter is recommended for MTB use in single chainring or for mixed use in double chainring or even for utility bikes, scooters, cargo bikes ...

The advantage of this adapter is that it will allow you to choose the most suitable plate (s) for your use.

The 4x104 BCD interface is compatible with all chainrings of the same standard from 32 teeth to gain torque compared to the original chainring.

On a Bafang pedal motor, the smaller the drive plate, the greater the torque.

For example, for the same cassette ratio, the torque gain between a 32-tooth chainring and a 44-tooth chainring is 37.5%, which means exceptional torque that will allow you to overcome all difficulties.

29.5% torque gain with the 34 tooth chainring.

22% torque gain with the 36 tooth chainring. 

adaptateur plateau
adaptateur plateau


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