750W Pedal Kit ATV-Cargo BBS02 with 48V casing battery

The absolute weapon! 190N.m of couple. OZO offers you the ultimate version of the middle drive motor system BBS02 M315 in 48V 750W with short transmission,
and optimized mapping. No summit will resist you.

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  • Vertical Black and white
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  • Battery 48V 750Wh cadre n°1B PANASONIC Lithium
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World No. 1 in the manufacture of bicycle motors, the reputation of the Bafang brand is well established. Reliable, silent and terribly efficient products. 

OZO has been an official Bafang distributor since 2010 and some of our customers have traveled more than 100,000Km with this engine.

The BBS02 48V 750W middle motor is offered here in a special E-MTB version with a short transmission allowing the installation of an anti-derailment transmission chainring in 34 or 36 teeth and a mapping entirely modified to meet the requirements of mountain bikers. These two major modifications make it possible to reach a torque of 190N.m, which is the highest torque that you will be able to find on a 750W crank motor of all brands.

In addition to being more efficient, it is also quieter than competing motors thanks to its oriented field controller while being easy to maintain and install. To get an idea of ​​the ease of installation, you can watch the installation tutorial.

The Bafang crankset motor kit can be installed on 90% of traditional bikes without modification to the existing frame.

We recommend this 750W crankset motor for mountain bikers wishing to stay within the 750W standard or for users of cargo bikes.



The Bafang BBS02 middle motor is installed in place of the original crankset.

Designed as a single unit, it integrates the motor, the controller and the pedal sensor.

Installation is easy and does not require any modification to the frame.

All the screws required for installation are supplied as standard.


All connectors are waterproof and have visual keying. You can't go wrong when plugging in.

A single cable goes up from the engine to the handlebars to connect the various accessories:

2 Red connectors for brake cuts

1 Green connector for the control screen on the handlebars (display)

1 yellow connector for the accelerator (optional)


You will need to power your BBS02 crankset motor kit with a 48V battery. All 48V batteries in our catalog are compatible with this engine.

The choice of battery capacity should be made according to the autonomy you want. For example, a 500Wh battery will give you around 50Km of autonomy without forcing the bike and up to 100Km depending on your effort. A 1000Wh battery will give you double the autonomy.

The second criterion to take into account when choosing the battery will be where you want to install the battery on your bike.

Check the dimensions of the battery by going directly to the article sheet of the battery concerned in order to confirm that it can be installed on your frame.

We offer these batteries in 4 versions:






The autonomy indicated above according to the capacity of the battery represent an average that a cyclist of 75Kg can cover in the city or in the countryside on a slightly hilly course. For the above range calculation, we take a consumption base of 7Wh / km. The actual range you will get will depend on various factors such as your weight, tire pressure, the gradient of the course ...

The above autonomies are mentioned for information only. We take as a basis of calculation, for consumption in mountain bikes, a consumption of 10Wh / km. This is an average reached by the majority of mountain bikers who use the motor as an assistance of 50% compared to the normal effort. Some of you will consume less and others more, but the experience of using the engine also matters. A beginner in E-MTB will consume 12Wh / km where an experienced pilot will consume 8Wh / km on the same route ...

If you want to know more about estimating the range on an electric bike, OZO has a full article available to you entitled "How to estimate the range of your electric bike".


Black and white vertical display, entry level: Black and white display, it combines all the main functions. The original mount is intended for installation on the handlebars, but we offer an optional stem mount for the MTB. 9 assistance modes. 

Compact color display: Its compact format makes it perfect for committed mountain biking. It sits on the left of the handlebars so you cannot use it if you have the derailleur lever on the left of the handlebars. 9 assistance modes.

Vertical color display: With this display, you access what is best on the eBike market. This model displays more parameters and it has an auto-adaptive backlight and a USB port for charging a smartphone or GPS while riding. 9 assistance modes fully configurable by the user: You are free to configure the 9 modes so that your assistance best adapts to your needs.


The accelerator offers the possibility of controlling the engine without pedaling.

In the form of a thumb trigger, the throttle can be installed on the right or left of the handlebars.

Note, however, that the accelerator is not approved for driving on a road open to traffic.

He finds his interest on a mountain bike to help with hill starts and obstacle passages.

The brake cut-off is an additional safety device which cuts off the power supply to the motor during braking. This is particularly useful during delicate maneuvers.

The brake cut-off comes in different forms:

The brake handles that replace your original handles.

The cable sensor that is installed on the brake cable.

The magnetic sensor to be reserved for bicycles equipped with hydraulic brakes.

Pair of reinforced cranks in 175 mm length for Bafang crankset motor. Ideal for freeride or enduro mountain biking if you weigh more than 90Kg.

OZO has selected the best E-MTB tires on the market for you. With integrated puncture protection or double ply, you will find all the tires in the tires section

The battery is delivered with a 2A charger as standard.

If you want to halve the charging time, you can opt for the 36V 4A charger.

The bottom bracket adapters will allow you to install the bottom bracket motor on PRESSFIT BB30 or PF30 (specialized) or US (BMX) standard bottom brackets.

The Bafang motor is assisted by the pedal. It is the chain of your bike that will transmit all the power of the engine. It is advisable to install a reinforced chain in order to prevent the chain from breaking.

You will find reinforced chains for crank motors in the reinforced chains section.

The only specific tool you will need for installing the Bafang crank motor is the torque wrench.

Note that this tightening wrench is also used to unscrew the outer bearings of the Shimano Hollowtech bottom brackets.

Removing the original crankset from your bike may also require more standard tools such as a crank remover or a square axle bottom bracket remover.

On this 250W crankset motor kit dedicated to mountain biking, OZO offers you as standard its mapping optimized with passion by our experienced mountain bikers and improved over the years since 2013.

The response times are set to the minimum, the acceleration ramp is dynamic for quick revivals and the torque is unbridled to the maximum to climb trees.

Note that for specific projects, we can optionally create custom maps



The BBS02 crankset motor is designed to be installed on BSA standard frames, i.e. with an internal case diameter of 33.5mm (Measure A) and a length of 68mm to 73mm (Measure B)

There are two types of mounting for bottom bracket bearings, those with internal bearings and those with external bearings. In both cases, measurements are always taken at the frame level as illustrated opposite.

The measurement A corresponds to the internal diameter of the case, it is taken inside the tube edge to edge. The standard is 33.5mm. If you have more, you will need to take the appropriate adapter.

Measurement B corresponds to the length of the frame box, this is done between the two ends of the frame tube. You must have between 68mm and 73mm. If you have more (83mm, 92mm, 100mm ...) you will have to choose the BBSHD crankset motor.

To be sure that your measurement is correct, we invite you to watch the video "How to measure the bottom bracket of your bike?"


Data sheet
Maximum speed45 km/h and more
Motor positioncrankset