Touring 250W rear wheel kit with frame battery 36V 250Wh to 700Wh

The Kit Touring Rear Wheel 250W offers smooth and comfortable assistance, ideal for versatile use in the city, light off-road cycling (cross country), or road biking. With a lightweight, discreet, and silent motor, this kit ensures a seamless riding experience, while its intuitive color screen allows for easy and quick control.

The internal freewheel allows disengagement of the motor while riding without assistance, allowing you to use your bike in muscle mode without being hindered by the motor.

Featuring a torque of 40 N.m and certified IP66 waterproof, the Kit Touring Rear Wheel 250W combines performance and reliability, positioning itself as the most versatile choice in its range.

Transform your bike and explore new horizons with ease using the Kit Touring.

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  • Vertical color

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  • Cadre en acier ou aluminium
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  • 36V 250Wh lockable gourd battery with up to 70 km range*
  • Frame battery n°1 500Wh up to 130 km of autonomy*
  • Frame battery n°1B 36V 700Wh up to 180 km range*

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For novice users the Touring 250W wheel kit will meet your needs. The power of the motor in 250W is defined according to the choice of your battery in 36V, the bonus of the 250W / 36V format is an increase in the top speed of 8 km / h and 15% of additional torque.

The "Bobber 250W" motor is a reduced motor. It incorporates an epicyclic train on which the gears are reinforced. This motor operates in sensorless mode, that is to say that any risk of failure following a failure of a sensor is eliminated. You can hit the slopes at full speed without risk.


THE "Bobber 250W" MOTOR

The "Bobber 250W" motor is a reduction motor with reinforced epicyclic gear and internal freewheel. This allows you to have a lot of torque and great ease of pedaling since the motor is completely disengaged when it is not powered ... You then pedal as on a traditional bicycle without the motor braking you.

The cassette body is compatible with Shimano and Sram 9 and 10 speed cassettes. If your bike is equipped with a 7 or 8 speed cassette, you will need to add cassette spacers.

The "Bobber 250W" motor is supplied with lock washers which will allow you to center the wheel in your frame. It can be installed on all traditional frames equipped with a rear axle with 135mm center distance.

You can screw your standard 6-hole brake disc onto the motor. For bikes equipped with pad brakes, don't forget to order a rim with planed edges like the Mach1 260.

With your kit you receive a complete drive wheel. All our wheels are carefully radiated in our workshop by enthusiasts: spoke tension, centering, runout and runout, everything is checked before shipment.

The 36 spokes are made of stainless steel, 2.3mm in diameter, made in France.

For “committed” uses, we advise you to choose a rack on a mountain bike rim such as the KLIXX or the MAD. These French-made rims will allow you to use your kit in all conditions.

For bikes equipped with pad brakes, choose a rim with planed edges like the Mach1 260.



The external 15A controller comes with fully waterproof Julet connectors that are very easy to install. Each connector has a polarizer, you have no risk of making a mistake.

This controller comes with OZO water bottle batteries.

The internal 15A controller comes with fully waterproof Julet connectors that are very easy to install. Each connector has a polarizer, you have no risk of making a mistake.

This controller is delivered and compatible only with OZO frame batteries.


All connectors are waterproof and have visual keying. Impossible to go wrong when connecting.

A single cable goes up from the engine to the handlebars to connect the various accessories:

2 Red connectors for brake cut-offs

1 Green connector for the control screen on the handlebars (display)

1 Yellow connector for the accelerator (optional)


The choice of the capacity of the battery will have to be made according to the autonomy which you wish. For example, a 500Wh battery will give you approximately 50Km of range without forcing the bike and up to 100Km depending on your effort. A 1000Wh battery will give you double the autonomy.

The second criterion to take into account for the choice of the battery will be to know where you want to install the battery on your bike.

The 36V 230Wh water bottle battery is the lightest in the range and also the most discreet
It fits in the bike's original bottle cage and its water bottle format makes it easy to carry even in a handbag.
1.25Kg only
Compatible with all our 250W motors

The 36V 500Wh to 700Wh frame batteries can be installed on the frame of the bike instead of the bottle cage or on the luggage rack.

These batteries are equipped with an electronic charge and discharge regulation circuit called BMS. The BMS also controls the temperature of the pack and the balancing of the cells.

The charging socket for OZO 36V frame batteries is Jack DC 2.1mm.

All our batteries are guaranteed for 2 years.


Black and white vertical display, entry level: Black and white display, it combines all the main functions. The original mount is intended for installation on the handlebars, but we offer an optional stem mount for the MTB. 9 assistance modes.

Compact color display: Its compact format makes it perfect for committed mountain biking. It sits on the left of the handlebars so you will not be able to use it if you have the derailleur lever on the left of the handlebars. 9 assistance modes.

Vertical color display: With this display, you access what is best on the eBike market. This model displays more parameters and it has an auto-adaptive backlight and a USB port for charging a smartphone or GPS while riding. 9 assistance modes fully configurable by the user: You are free to configure the 9 modes so that your assistance best adapts to your needs.


On wheel motor kits which are fitted with 15A controllers, you will need a pedal sensor. This will allow the engine to be engaged and therefore the assistance of the bicycle.

The pedal sensor is a rotation sensor. You have to pedal for assistance. There are several types of sensors to match 90% of the bikes on the market.

Integrated bottom bracket sensor: For square axle bottom brackets that have a minimum clearance of 4mm between the crank and the frame.

Crank sensor with magnetic disc: For all other bikes that do not have the minimum clearance to install an integrated sensor.


The accelerator offers the possibility of controlling the engine without pedaling.

In the form of a thumb trigger, the throttle can be installed on the right or left of the handlebars.

Note, however, that the accelerator is not approved for driving on a road open to traffic.

He finds his interest on a mountain bike to help with hill starts and obstacle passages.

The brake cut-off is an additional safety device which cuts the power supply to the motor when braking. This is particularly useful during delicate maneuvers.

The brake cut-off comes in different forms:

The brake handles that replace your original handles.

The cable sensor that is installed on the brake cable.

The magnetic sensor to be reserved for bicycles equipped with hydraulic brakes.

This motor is compatible with screw-in freewheels.

You can retrieve the screw-in freewheel from your original wheel or buy a new one from our site and we will install it on the motor when preparing your wheel.

OZO has selected the best E-MTB tires on the market for you. With integrated puncture protection or double ply, you will find all the tires in the tires section  


The Touring wheel kit is compatible with all bikes fitted with a 9x135mm or 10x135mm rear wheel axle.

To be sure that the installation of the Enduro engine is possible on your bike, you must check that you have a traditional open frame with 135mm center distance.

With a ruler, measure the inside width of your frame (value A). You must have at least 135mm (13.5cm).

Then measure the frame notches (value B). You must have 9 or 10mm.

Data sheet
Garantie2 ans
Motor positionBack
Autonomie moyenne en 36V 20Ah120km
Autonomie moyenne en 36V 14,5Ah80km
Autonomie moyenne en 36V 9Ah50km
Affichage tension batterieOui
Couple max en 36V40N.m
Vitesse max en 36V30km/h
Masse3 Kg
Technologie moteurréducté
Cassettes acceptées7, 8, 9 et 10 vitesses Sram et Shimano / 11 vitesses Shimano
entraxe cadre Min / Max135mm / 142mm
Compatibilité frein à disqueOui
Intensité du contrôleur15A
Coupure freinOui
Affichage puissance instantanéOui
Port USBOui sur display vertical couleur
Waterproof gradeIP64
Homologué aide de l'étatYes