Cycle analyst


Cycle analyst

In order to know the remaining energy left in your battery, we offer you 3 different systems:

- The LED gauge: it’s the easiest system but also the less reliable. The precision of the LED gauge is around 15%.

- The wattmeter: its high precision will allow you to know exactly the remaining energy level, battery voltage, and the instantaneous power.

- The Cycle Analyst: as genuine board computer, the cycle analyst, will allow you to access all your motorization parameters and to get a precise insight of all these parameters. Currenty, it’s the most complete tool to read and constrain all the electric motorization parameters.

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  • Cycle analyst

    What is a Cycle Analyst?

    A cycle analyst is real board computer. It gives you access to all of your motorization parameters and gives you the possibility to parameter yourself all these characteristics according to your needs.
    The cycle analyst gives you a precise indication of the remaining energy left in your battery and memorizes the last course.
    The cycle analyst is interesting to parameter the power of the kit according to your course in order to save battery energy. This is possible to limit the motor torque and the moving speed.

    Which Cycle Analyst should you use?

    A Cycle Analyst DP with our electric kits equipped with a direct drive motor and a Sensored Infineon controller.
    A Cycle Analyst DPS with our electric kits equipped with a gear motor or the kits equipped with a Sensorless Infineon controller.
    A Universal Cycle Analyst with all the electric bikes kits and also on all the electric bikes of the industry, the electric scooters or the electric quadricycles.
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  • Wattmeter
    This wattmeter is the ideal tool for those who would like to have an autonomy gauge and a reliable power.
    Adaptable in few minutes only on all the electric bikes, electric scooters, electric quadricycles, the wattmeter will allow you to access the following datas :
    • Battery voltage : 4,8V to 60V DC (resolution 0,01V)
    • Discharge instantaneous current : 0 to 130A (resolution 0,01A)
    • Instantaneous power : 0 to 6554W (resolution 0,1W)
    • Capacité consommée : 0 à 65Ah (résolution 0,001 Ah)
    • Energy consumed : 0 to 6554Wh (resolution 0,1Wh)
    • Using time : display in minutes (resolution 1 second)
    Reading the consumed capacity allows us to precisely know the remaining energy left in your battery. For example, if your battery has a maximum capacity of 10Ah and that the screen of your wattmeter indicates that you consumed 6Ah, you can deduct that you still have 40% of energy left.
  • LED gauge
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